art works by Josh Ronsen


Most of the visual art I do is the form of Mail Art or digital videos to accompany dance or music events. Here are a few of the visual artworks I have created.

guardian (1994)
“Guardian” (1994), alterted photo, 3” x 3”
Marcel Duchamp in Space (1998)
“Marcel Duchamp in Space” (1998), metal sculpture
Marcel Duchamp in Space (1999)
“Marcel Duchamp in Space” (1999), digital print, 2.5” by 3.5” in wooden frame
Copper Painting (2001)
“Copper Painting” (2001), rust, oil paint on canvas, 2' by 3'
Copper Painting (2001)
“Orbis” (1 of 3) (2002), acrylic, ink, gold paint, 8” x 10”
“Box 1” (2002), objects, found cardboard box,
50 Objects for Tiny Box project
50 objects for Tiny Box project (2008), aluminum foil, book clippings
Yard Pest
“Yard Pest” (2010), plant matter, postage stamp
97 Worries for J.R. (2010)
“97 Worries for J.R.” (2010), baggie, cardstock, ink, 4”x6”, this unique work is for sale for $25.
Crossout Novel (2011), found book, ink
Dada Leaf
“Dada leaf, No. 1” (2014), oil paint on canvas, 10” by 8”


Contact: joshronsen (at) yahoo (dot) com

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