This is a collection of .mp3 files of some of the artists promoted by the Austinnitus newsletter from 1996-2009. Except where noted, these are exclusive tracks. For information about these musicians, please see the main page.

Alex Keller Cold front Austin 2014_1111 (2014) Alex Keller (recordings)
Chris Petkus Josh Jam (2015) Chris Petkus (electric guitar & effects)
Plutonium Farmers with horns! Track # 6 from the Unreleased FREE album (2012) Johnathan Horne (guitar), Aaron Dugan (drums), Matt Armistead (drums), Mars Williams (tenor saxophone), Nick Moran (bass clarinet & baritone saxophone), Andy Distel (trumpet), Nick Broste (trombone), Steve Albini (engineer, mixer)
Greg Headley The Operation of the Heavens collage (2006) Greg Headley (electronics)
Systm Mother of Pearl (2009) Derek Phelps (trumpet), Carl Smith (tenor saxophone), Andy Beaudoin (drums), Matt Muehling (electric guitar),
Andrew Bergmann (acoustic bass)
The Plutonium Farmers Live at Red's Scoot Inn, Set 2 (2011) Jonathan Horne (guitar), Matt Armistead (drums), Aaron Dugan (drums) + Ralph White (kalimba), Mars Williams (saxophone)
The Whale “Uncertainty A” (2002) • (from the “just a sampler” CDr) Kory Cook (drums), Craig Johnson (alto saxophone), Adam Jones (bass)
Catfish “Catfish” (2002) • (Live @ Dallas Center for Contemporary Art) Shawn McMillen (harmonium, percussion, voice), Brian Smith (organ, synthesizer), Matt Martinez (acoustic guitar, bells)
Charlie Naked “Wiederholung” (2003) • Originally appeared on The Black Hand Of Man vol. 2 Charlie Naked (Kelly Cello-stick)
Alial Straa Live @ the Candy Factory (1996) John Grzinich, Olivia Block, Seth Nehil
Travis Weller “Dirt, dust, and pollen, paralleled by signal bells” (2008) Travis Weller (solo owl and electronics)
Robert Pearson “Untitled...” (2009) Robert Pearson (piano)
XathaX “Royal” (2009) Nathan Espen (electronics)
Ethereal Planes Indian “Kachina Cloud” (2007) BC Smith (guitar, percussion, voice, electronics)
Brent Fariss “I apologize, Julius, for judging you” (2008) Travis Weller (amplified violin), James Alexander (amplified viola), Brent Fariss (amplified contrabass), Nick Hennies (percussion, cymbales d'un dieu) & Keith Manlove (electronics)
Nick Hennies “Pressure” Part 2 (2009) Nick Hennies (percussion)
Moray Eels “Jobsworth” (2009) Scott Telles (tape)
New Music Co-op Untitled (2004), composed by Keith Manlove James Alexander (vla), Hatim Belyamani (el-g), Brent Fariss (b), Nick Hennies (vib), Maria Hernandez (fl), Holland Hopson (sss), Keith Manlove (el-pn), Sara McCallum (bsn), Philip Moody (tb), Josh Ronsen (cl), Callie Shelton (fl), Christine Walsh (voc), Travis Weller (vln), Brandon Young (acc, voc)
Bright Duplex “Dangerous Celebrities” (2008) Matt Armistead (drums), Vanessa Rossetto (viola)
Rick Reed “Celestial Mudpie” (2008) Rick Reed (synthesizer, electronics)
RRR-500 LP Release Party @ 33 Degrees “RRR-500 Austin Mix” (1997) Carlton Crutcher, Jeff Filla, Seth Nehil, Rick Reed, Josh Ronsen, Scott Telles (turntables)
Greg Headley “The Chase” (2008) Greg Headley (electronics)
Numbers on the Mast vs. Inversion Effect Live @ Salvage Vanguard Theatre (2007) Eric Archer (electronics), Matthew Thies (electronics), Trey Smith (electronics), Dan Burton (synthesizer), Martin McCreadie (guitar), Thomas Fang (phototheremin, modified Barbie karaoke machine)
Frequency Curtain “Axi-OHM” (2003) • (Live in Houston) Rick Reed (synthesizer, sine wave oscillators, shortwave radio, electronics), Josh Ronsen (computer)
Alien Time Ensemble “Sympathetic Drive” (2004) Mike Matthews (tenor sax), Content Love Knowles (bass samples, voice), David DeMaris (trumpet, kalimba)
Iron Kite Untitled 1 & Untitled 2 (2007) Shawn McMillan (guitar & ...), Brian Smith (bass & ...), Blake Carlisle (drums & ...) with Ralph White (violin)
Josh Russell “MNK_d0620” (2008) Josh Russell (electronics)
Brekekekexkoaxkoax “ZamZem” (2007) • Originally appeared on Countdown 2012 Mail Art comp Josh Ronsen (samples, voice, electronics)
Thomas Fang Live @ the Opera House (2008) Thomas Fang (shortwave radio, field recording, electronics)
Douglas Ferguson Live @ Austin Noise Fest (2007) Douglas Ferguson (guitar, electronics)
Alex Keller “Love's Sleep” (2007) • (live @ Toneburst 4) Alex Keller (electronics)
the Gates Ensemble Live @ the Church of the Friendly Ghost (2003) Brent Fariss (bass), Jacob Green (organ, oboe), Holland Hopson (banjo, electronics), Josh Ronsen (guitar, clarinet), Bill Thompson (electronics), Travis Weller (violin)
E.C.F.A. Live @ Cafe Medici (2007) Carl Smith (sax), Alex Coke (sax), Jason Friedrich (drums)
Venison Whirled Live in Charlottesville (2007) Lisa Cameron (percussion, electronics)
A.I.N.T. #4 A.I.N.T. #4 Part 1, Part2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (2004) Sharon Crutcher (voice), Holland Hopson (saxophone, electronics), Brandon Young (voice, electronics), David DeMaris (keyboard, synthesizer, electronics)
A.I.N.T. was the Austinnitus Improv NighT, a series of 4 evenings in 2004 at the Church of the Friendly Ghost in which 4 or 5 musicians who had never worked together were asked to develop music for the evening. The series ended when people stopped volunteering to show up.
A.I.N.T. #3 A.I.N.T. #3 (2004) Vanessa Arn (electronics), Carlton Crutcher (synth), Jacob Green (oboe, bass guitar, percussion, electronics), Elana Logsdon (voice, taps, noises, actions), Jason Pierce (organ)
Aurora Plastics Company November 2006, Track 2 Anne Heller (theremin, electronics), Lars Neilsen (guitar, electronics) and Blake Carlisle (drums)
the Voltage Spooks Boston 2007 Part 1 & Boston 2007 Part 2 Rick Reed (synthesizer, electronics), Keith Rowe (guitar, electronics) and Michael Haleta (computer, electronics)
Cory Allen “Sails Set for Senex” (2007) Cory Allen (synthesizer, electronics)
Jacob Green “While We Were Asleep” (2004) Jacob Green (oboe, chimes, electronics) & Josh Ronsen (clarinet, chimes)
Carlos Pozo “The Long Goodbye” (2007) Carlos Pozo (electronics)
Book of Shadows “Common Heart” (2007) Carlton Crutcher (synthesizer) & Sharon Crutcher (vocals)

Download the Austinnitus Theme Music here. It was made from samples provided by Ben Bellomy (ymolleb @, Mr. Fang (alone @, Jay Brunker (jbrunker @, Richard Power (rpower @ and two mysterious others and assembled by Josh Ronsen.
All copyrights held by the performers/composers of individual tracks.