On February 28, 2004, Josh Ronsen organized the Flux Cafe with Elana Logsdon and Alex Keller at the Church of the Friendly Ghost. Members of the Austin New Music Co-Op helped perform the many pieces of original Fluxus works as well as newly created works. At the Flux Cafe, individual pieces were ordered off a menu, and no piece was performed until it was paid for. Prices ranged from 50 cents to 50 dollars per piece. Orders were taken by the helpful waitstaff (Callie Shelton and Emily Smith). The orchestra pieces were conducted by Bill Thompson.

Alex Keller – performing “Taps 1” (Alex Keller, 2004)
Elans Logsdon performing – “Proposition” (Alison Knowles, 1962)
Bill Thompson
Shawn Feeney, Brandon Young, Bill Thompson –
NMC – performing “Name Songs” (Josh Ronsen, 2004)
Emily Smith – taking an order
Josh Ronsen, Shawn Feeney, Brent Fariss – performing
NMC – performing “Shuffle” (Alison Knowles, 1961)
NMC – performing “Wall Piece for Orchestra” (Yoko Ono, 1962)
Elana Logsdon – performing
Josh Ronsen, Alex Keller – performing “Danger Music No. 2” (Dick Higgins, 1961)
Josh Ronsen, Brandon Young – performing “Viking Event” (Ken Friedman, 1989)
Brandon Young, Josh Ronsen – performing “For LaMonte Young” (Josh Ronsen, 2002)
Audience – performing “String Piece” (Alison Knowles, 1962)
Audience – as themselves

The New Music Co-Op Orchestra consisted of Bill Thompson (conductor), Brent Fariss (contrabass), Shawn Feeney (mandolin), Krista Lussenhop ('cello), Josh Ronsen (clarinet), Bob Sawey (trumpet), Callie Shelton (flute), Nick Smith (trombone), Travis Weller (violin) and Brandon Young (trumpet).

The following pieces had premieres at the Flux Cafe:

  • “Guitar Solo for Josh Ronsen” by Walter Ciancucsi
  • “fluxus-like duet for two trumpets from a large scale work that i am too lazy to finish (that only costs $0.50)” by Brent Fariss
  • “Taps 1 & 2” by Alex Keller
  • “Microphone 1 & 2” by Alex Keller
  • “for LaMonte Young”" by Josh Ronsen
  • “He/She” by Josh Ronsen
  • “Money Piece 2” by Josh Ronsen
  • “Melodies” by Josh Ronsen
  • “Name Songs” by Josh Ronsen
  • “You Are Beautiful” by Alex V. Cook


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photos by: Shawn Feeney + ?