Intersect 3

On April 7, 2001, 5 performers gathered at Ceremony Hall in Austin, Texas.

"The tradition of INTERSECT has been to create a temporary venue to showcase the work of local artists in a cross genre environment. Since, much of the work is experimental in nature, it lies outside the boundaries of the popular and mainstream cultural scenes and is often misrepresented or goes unnoticed. It is generally more fitting for such work to be presented as a self-produced event by the artists themselves in order to best maintain its inherent quality and character. The focus of INTERSECT 3 was on experimental music, sound art, short film or video and various combinations thereof."


John Grzinich


Josh Ronsen (aka brekekekexkoaxkoax)


Rick Reed



More Rick



Jeff Filla



More Jeff


Tom Grzinich is (sadly) not pictured.

Recordings from Intersect 3 (and Intersect 4) are available from Pale Disc a record label in Japan.

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photos by: Josh Ronsen