Pierre Boulez Project Contributors

Donator # of Donations Works Donated
Josh Ronsen (TX) 6 CDs, 10 LPs, 2 books "Pli Selon Pli/Le Visage Nuptial/Notations"(Erato 4CD), "Boulez Conducts Mahler Symphony #6"(Enterprise, bootleg CD?),"Boulez Conducts Varese" (Sony CD), Boulez Conducts Schoenberg Gurre-Lieder (Columbia 2LP), The Rite of Spring/4 Etudes (Nonesuch LP), Boulez Conducts Stravinsky (Erato LP), Orientations
Seth Tisue (IL) 1 LP, 1 CD "Pli Selon Pli," "Piano Sonatas"
Ted Mentele (TX) 1 book, 1 CD Conductor, Composer, Enigma, Mahler, Wagner: Lieder (Sony SMK68330)
Mark Morey (TX) 1 CD, 2 LPs "Bartok: The Miraculous Mandarin" (Sony CD), "Homage to Stravinsky" (Everest LP) "Eclat" (Candide LP)
Colin Andrew Sheffield (TX) 3 LPs "Boulez Conducts Berlioz" (Columbia Quadaphonic LP!), "Boulez Conducts Debussy" (Columbia LP), "Boulez Conducts Boulez" (Columbia LP)
JILIAT (UK) 1 LP "Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra" (CBS)
Id M. TheftAble (ME) 1 CD "Repons/Dialogue..." (Deutsche Grammophon)
Bill Thompson (TX-Scotland) 5 LPs, 2 books "Boulez Conducts Boulez" (Columbia), Boulez on Music Today, Orientations
Paul Kelly (UK) 1 LP "Boulez Piano Music Vol.1" (CBS)
Sharon Cheslow (CA) 1 CS unauthorized tape of "Le Marteau Sans Maitre"
Christopher Hill (NY) 1 LP "Le Marteau Sans Maitre" (Turnabout) [NOTE: This copy is from a college library. The inside record sleeve still has the check out card attached to it. This record has never been checked out, not even once, which is probably why the library got rid of it.]
Christopher DeLaurenti (WA) 1 CS "Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra" (CBS)
Alex Keller (WA/TX) 1 LP "Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring" (Nonesuch)
K. Scott Handley (LA) 5 LPs "Boulez Conducts Schoenberg Gurre-Liederg" (2LP Columbia), "Boulez Conducts Debussy: Pelleas et Melisande" (3LP Columbia)
Atau Tanaka (France) 1 CD "Le Marteau Sans Maitre/Sonatine" (Disques Ados)
Eric M (France) 1 LP "Messagesquisse" (Le Chant Du Monde)
Jonathan Way (WA) 1 CD, 1 book "Boulez Conducts Varese" (Chinese bootlog of DG release), boulez by Martine Cadieu
Rick Reed (TX) 1 LP "BOULEZ CONDUCTS BEETHOVEN SYMPHONY No.5!!!" (Columbia M30085)
Zadok Van der Priester (Holland) 68 LPs!, 6CDs, 1 DVD, 1 book, 1 8-track 3 x "Wozzeck" (2LP Columbia M2 30852), "Boulez Conducts Berg" (LP Columbia MS7179), Boulez Piano Sonatas (LP Columbia M32161), "Boulez Conducts Berlioz" (2LP CBS 32B10010), "Boulez Conducts Berlioz" (LP CBS 235444), "Boulez Conducts Debussy" (3LP Columbia D3M-32988), 2 x "The New Music v2" with Boulez's "Sonatine" (LP Victrola), Berlioz, "Nuits d'ete" (LP Columbia), Schoenberg "Verklarte Nacht" (LP CBS), 3 x"Boulez Conducts Falla" (LP Columbia M33970), 2 x Wagner "Der Ring" excerpts (LP Philips), [Ride of the Valkyries! Hilarious!], 4 x Berg "Lulu" (4LP Deutsche Grammophon), "Boulez Conducts Stravinsky, Bartok" (LP Columbia), "Boulez Conducts Ravel: Daphnis et Chloe" (LP Columbia), Berlioz "Lelio" (LP CBS), "Le Marteau sans Maitre" (LP Turnabout), 2 x "Boulez Conducts Stravinsky's 'Le Sacre du Printemps'" (LP Columbia), "Boulez Conducts Wagner" (LP Columbia) [NOTE: This is a copy sent to radio stations, with a sticker on the front cover stating durations and having a check box in front of each piece for "suggested cuts," i.e. which pieces would be best for public airplay. Neither the record label nor the radio station manager, nor any of the radio staff checked a single one of the cuts.], "Boulez Conducts Stravinsky: Petrushka" (LP Columbia); "Boulez Conducts Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra" (LP Columbia); "Boulez Conducts Berg: Op. 6" (LP Columbia); "Boulez Conducts Schoenberg" (LP CBS), 3 x De Falla "El sombero de Tres Picos" (CD CBS Obyssey), "Ravel: Bolero" (CD Sony), 2 x "Boulez: Domaines" (CD Harmonia Mundi), Conductor, Composer, Enigma
Richard Kendrick (TX) 1 CD "Boulez at 70" (Deutsche Gramophone)
Jacob Green (TX) 1 CD "Boulez Conducts Varese"
Brent Fariss (TX) 1 CDR "3 Sonatas" (home bootleg of CD)
NM (CA) 3LPs "Handel's Water Music" (Nonesuch H-71127), "Boulez Conducts Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique" (Columbia/CBS M30587), "Boules conducts Stravinsky's La Sacre du Printemps" (Columbia/CBS MS7293)
Brandon Young (TX) 1 CD "Mahler Symphonie No. 9" (Deutsche Grammophon/PolyGram 289457581-2)
Eric Arn (TX-Austria) 1 LP "Schoenberg's Concerto for Violin" (Erato/RCA Num75256)
Nick Hennies (TX) 1 LP, 1CD "Berg Violin Concerto/3 Orchestral Pieces" (CBS IM39741), "Eclat"/"Improvisation 2" (Vox Box CDX5144)
David Cotner (CA) 1CD Handel: "Water Music Suite" (CBS MYK38480)
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Total Number of donations: 138!!!

I was attempting to collect 100 items, which I have surpassed. No other items are required.

Questions and comments about this project may be emailed to Josh Ronsen at joshronsen at yahoo dot com.

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