Pierre Boulez Project Sounds & Photos

Performance on Feburary 28, 2005 at the Church of the Friendly Ghost in Austin, Texas.
Josh Ronsen   Rick Reed
Alex Keller   Brent Fariss
Nick Hennies   opening remarks
drilling a new LP hole   taking a hammer to ""Le Marteau"
everyone gets a souvenir!    
  photos by Josh Russell  
.mp3 audio sample of 20'00" to 23'00" of performance.  
This CD was sent in support of the project.

Pierre I Love You! Part 1 by id M Theft Able

Pierre I Love You! Part 2 by id M Theft Able
Mail Art support:    
  2 pages from Giovanni Stradada Ravenna in Italy  
  postcard from Manuel Sainz Serrano in Spain  

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