A somewhat comprehensive index to online information about composer/conductor Pierre Boulez

The Pytheas Center for Contemporary Music has the best collection of links concerning Boulez, including a seemingly complete list of his compositions. I use that page when I can't find something here.


  1. Rocco Di Pietro's Dialogues with Boulez
  2. The Man Who Would Be King -- interview/overview with Andy Carvin
  3. Interview with Jean-Pierre Derrien
  4. A Master With Class -- includes audio samples, .mp3 and Real Audio
  5. Interview
  6. 1984 interview -- with David Gable
  7. 1991, 1994 interviews
  8. 1993 Interview
  9. 1996 Interview -- simultaneous interview with Joni Mitchell
  10. 1999 videointerview -- with Charlie Rose
  11. 1999 interview
  12. by Wolfgng Fink
  13. 2000 NPR radio interview -- Real Audio file
  14. 2001 interview by Jed Distler. The second part of interview is here and the third is here
  15. 2001? Interview by Breandáin O'Shea .mp3 available
  16. 2002 Interview by Paul Steenhuisen
  17. 2003 Interview by Manuela Hoelterhoff
  18. 2003 Interview -- includes audio
  19. 2004 Interview -- “Boulez Talks About Conducting, Bach, Vacations”
  20. 2004 interview
  21. --
  22. 2007? Interview -- by Jörg Königsdorf concerning Mahler
  23. 2008 audio interview -- Real Audio & .mp3 formats
  24. 2008 interview
  25. 2009 interview by Peter Culshaw: “I was a bully, I’m not ashamed.”
  26. Interview and article on symphony organizations by Paul Judy
  27. 11 QuickTime video interviews


  1. Discography of own works
  2. Discography of other's works
  3. overview of Boulez's creative life
  4. overview of life and work
  5. Boulez vs. Stockhausen by Rhys Chatham
  6. Repons
  7. account of a workshop with Pierre Boulez by Emiliano Pardo-Triston
  8. 1st Piano Sonata
  9. 3rd Piano Sonata
  10. Le Marteau sans maître: Serialism Becomes Respectable
  11. Pli Selon Pli by Paul Griffiths
  12. Understanding Pierre Boulez's Anthemes by Jonathan Goldman
  13. Messagesquisse
  14. scathing critique of Boulez's conducting of Scriabin
  15. Two Facets of the Boulezian Universe by Celestin Deliege
  16. The Medium and the Message by Meirion Bowen
  17. Boulez is Dead by Jeff Talman
  18. Boulez article
  19. The Godfather by Alex Ross
  20. Unreconstructed Modernist by David Schiff
  21. Boulez at 75 by Marc Bridle


  1. Desktop Images -- The Chicago Symphony Orchestra thinks a race of people exists who want to download an image of Boulez onto their computer desktop
  2. Boulez in action, conducting Bartok --Real Player format
  3. Le soleil des eaux -- 2005 performance with Boulez as conductor
  4. Sur Incises -- ? performance, with Boulez as conductor


If you have links to further information about Boulez, please email me at joshronsen (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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