creative improvisation
performance art
image projection

brekekekexkoaxkoax produces music and sound art in Austin, Texas. Some of this music as been released on labels such has eh?/Public Eyesore, Cohort, DotDotDot, RRR, Beta-Lactum Ring, and others.
Since 1996, some of Austin's most exceptional and creative artists have joined Josh Ronsen in varied performances and recordings.
Perhaps Alex Keller said it best: "brekekekexkoaxkoax (Josh Ronsen and guests) will do something unspecified."
DIONYSUS: Did you see the men who beat their fathers—or perjurers—the ones he mentioned?
XANTHIAS: You mean you don’t?
DIONYSUS: [looking at the audience] By Poseidon, yes I do! Now I see them.

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