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performance art
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Supernatural Creatures
Supernatural Creatures
The intense drone work “Shmulikipod vs. Mishipizhiw” was released in July, 2018 on a split CD with Christian di Vito called Supernatural Creatures on TIBProd Italy.   3 tracks of drones and noises available on Bandcamp.
Fuck yeah there will be lemurs
Collage Works
Fuck yeah there will be lemurs is a 2017 collage of 400 animal sounds, and fuck yeah there will be lemurs. 18 different species of lemurs, in fact. Also included is a short Fluxus text score “Animal Charm (For Lisa Kucharski)” performed by the audience of No Shame Theater in Austin, June 2017. Available as .mp3 download via Off - Record Label.   Collage Works collects three different approaches of organizing disparate sound sources, composed from 1996 to 2017. Available as .mp3 downloads via Off - Record Label.
Drone Works
Drone Works
Drone Works is a new collection of acousmatic electro-acoustic works, available as .mp3/.flac download via Earthlier Records. Featuring contributions from Bill Thompson, Vanessa Arn and James Eck Rippie.   tips for the space tourists documents the 2016 collaboration between Josh Ronsen and Jeff Dahlgren with Will Soderberg. Using electronics and voices, the trio creates a perplexing soundscape evoking the the industrial cassettes of the late 1980s. Available as .mp3/.flac download and CDr via Bandcamp.
The Doukipudonktian
Sudden Empire of Tears is a collection of acousmatic electro-acoustic works, available as .mp3/.flac download or CD in deluxe box filled with art works from Bandcamp. Certain boxes also contain a bonus CD, ANTI-JAZZ.   eliminal CD by the Unpopular Scientists (Reed Altemus and Josh Ronsen) (Fluxus Montana); prepared guitar duos performed live in Boston and Lowell, Mass., May 2013
The Doukipudonktian
The Doukipudonktian is a work of live electronics, first released as .mp3s on Bremsstrahlung Recordings in 2008, now available on BandCamp. Features Josh Ronsen and Vanessa Arn.   The CD i manage to get out by a secret door was published by eh? / Public Eyesore records. Features creative improvisation contributions from Jason Pierce, Jacob Green, Genevieve Walsh and Glen Nuckolls and electro-acoustic works by Josh Ronsen. Cover photo by Josh Russell.

split CD with Fred Lonberg-Holm available from Cohort Records — Features a quartet improvisation from Jacob Green (oboe, organ, percussion, electronics), Genevieve Walsh (flute, drums, vocal), Glen Nuckolls (electric guitar, banjo, violin) and Josh Ronsen (electric guitar, clarinet).


“we used to be such good friends” CD (hushroom records), features contributions from Bill Thompson, Jacob Green, Vanessa Arn, Glen Nuckolls and Genevieve Walsh. Cover photo by Seth Tisue.

Available from: End of an Ear (Austin), Eclipse (USA); streaming/download on bandcamp.

untitled on RRR-500 Locked Groove LP (RRRecords) — viola solo   “for Gerard Klauder” on lowercase 2CD (Bremsstrahlung Recordings) — computer-processed prepared guitar
untitled on Phantom Train CD (éditions Suicide Commercial) — electronic music   “for Michael Northam” on Rendering of the Veil CD (Beta-Lactam Records) [listed as brekekexkoaxkoax for legal reasons] — computer-processed bowed cymbal

tape piece #1 in Fluxlist Box 1
  “Distinguished Gentleman in Chicago” on USA/USB CD (Shadow Puppet Recording Company) [listed as Brekekexkoaxkoax for legal reasons] — prepared guitar with Jason Pierce (drums)
  “Storage Shed” on 1 CD (phonography) — location recording
“Scion” on Tensile CD (Labile Music) — acoustic prepared guitar   “Arksheer” on Grain CD (Dot Dot Dot) — electro-acoustic music
“a.Lift” on Fluxations CD (XEXOXIAL EDITIONS) — electronic music   2 pieces on Intersect 3 CD (Pale Disc) — live solo prepared guitar and bowed bass guitar
“goats” on Quiet American web site — field recording   “Sof Olam” on Ten Below CD (Petite Sono) — electronic music
sample material on Nevermet Ensemble CD (Rudimentol Records) — clarinet, electronics   sample material on Grapple with Inertia Systems CD by Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art
“magyar rakevet tatyamee” on 6 CD (phonography) — field recording   “ma’vet o’lam (Asiyah)” [label remix] on The Last Signal CD (Independent Opposition)
“for Christian Wolff” on Fluxus Anthology 2005 CD — crushed rock   “Zahav M’mutsah” on Golden Mean CD (Bremsstrahlung Recordings) — electronic music
“Zamzem” on Countdown 2012 CD-R (Invasion)   “Paper May Say” on 1 Minute Autohypnosis Sex War Noise Faith CDR (Mute Sound) — electro-acoustic music
“Bombalobombax” on Node Pajomo Summer 2012 CD (Node Pajomo zine)   “Aspidochelone” & “Rumor Narcosis Factor” on One Minute ((CT) Collective) online compilation
“Nephelokokkygia” on Austin Noise 2013 CD (Instincto Records) CD compilation   “Tender Dirt, On the Floor” on Austin Noise 2014 (Instincto Records) CD compilation
“Kokopelmana” on Master Cactus Issue #3 (Master Cactus) CS compilation — Moog synthesizer   “Galaktoboureko” on Austin Noise 2015 (Instincto Records) CD/CS compilation
“Note: The Demon At 5 O’clock Has Another Demon For A Butt” on Austin Noise 2016 (Instincto Records) CD/CS compilation   “Cognianalogytion” and “Report All Obscene Mail To Your Potsmaster” (a collaboration with {AN} EeL) on {EeL?}?~ Ixer - Vol 1 :?:?Performance Relic on (BandCamp)
“Tribute To Esophagus” on Austin Noise 2017 (Instincto Records) CD/CS compilation FORTHCOMING — voices with Jeff Dahlgren and Laura Brackney   “This Space of Time” on Ö-Bits on (BandCamp) & CD — voice and violin samples
“No Pipeline for Standing Rock” on Noise Against Racism (Blackened Death Records & HNM Records) online compilation   “Why Animals Avoid Munching On Ferns” on Two Halves : Volume Two on (BandCamp) & CD — analog synthesizer, collaboration with Xathax
“Simulated Walk Through Garden Using Even Tracks” and “Simulated Walk Through Garden Using Odd Tracks” on Escardrone (Hushroom Records) online compilation   “I Understand It’s A Giant Insect” and “Distasteful Adbunerakes” on The Best of Contemporary Electronic Music (TIBProd Italy) online compilation
Josh Ronsen also appears on the following recordings:
“There’s a place for abstract and there’s a place for noise,
and there’s a place for every kind of sound,
so come on now and tell me why there’s a void.”
—Felt, “Ballad of the Band”