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performance art
image projection

2013 duo performance • Matt Armistead (drums) and Josh Ronsen (guitar) at Club 1808.
2012 solo performance • “How To Play Guitar”
2011 SOUND CAVE intermedia performance at NMASS 2011 with Deena Odelle Hyatt, Brent Fariss, Bill Bridges.
2011 trio performance • Matt Armistead (drums), Bill Thompson (computer) and Josh Ronsen (guitar) at the new Church of the Friendly Ghost; video projections by Katie Rose Pipkin; recording by Johnathan Cash
2011 Text Video • study for larger project using text and video. Electronic music from Nord Electro 2 recording session.
2011 performance at Contemporary Art Museum Houston • “Solo for Amplified Paper” and “Quotes”
2008 video + movement performance • Josh Ronsen (sound, video), Jacob Green (projection), Mari Akita (movement); recording by Nari
2005 quartet performance • Ronsen/Green/Nuckols/Walsh at the old Church of the Friendly Ghost
“An Opossum is Just an Irish Possum” • A shocking tale of bad fate set to music by Ronsen/Green/Nuckols/Walsh
For Carmen Resendez (2001) • Video by John Grzinich & Josh Ronsen, Sound by Josh Ronsen
The best material can be heard on the brekekekexkoaxkoax Bandcamp site, including the albums Sudden Empire of Tears, The Doukipudonktian, and We Use To Be Such Good Friends.
“Fuck yeah there will be lemurs” • 2017 college work using over 400 animal sounds, Bandcamp stream/download
Drone Works • 2017 collection of electro-acoustic college works, with perfomances by Bill Thompson, Vanessa Arn and James Eck Rippie, Bandcamp stream/download
Tips for the Space Tourists • 2016 recording with Jeff Dahlgren and Will Soderberg, Bandcamp stream/download
“Kokopelmana” • Moog synthesizer composition from 1995, released 2015 on Master Cactus #3 audio cassette magazine.
“Is That How You're Going To Read It?” • electro-acoustic manipulation of skipping CD on the Sound Is Art page, .mp3 download
“Aspidochelone ” & “Rumor Narcosis Factor” • 2 electro-acoustic tracks primarily using the human voice as a sample source on the (CT) Collective One Minute compilation
“For Gerard Klauder” • prepared guitar & computer, remastered track from lowercase compilation, 2000
“Paper May Say” • electro-acoustic music on 1 minute autohypnosis sex war noise faith comp
Duo — Live at Red's Scoot Inn • 2006 performance with Jason Pierce (drums) and Josh Ronsen (guitar).
“ZamZem” • electro-acoustic voice work on the Countdown 2012 Mail Art comp.
“On a Lark” • minimal exploration of bird sounds for (CT) Collective comp.
1, 2, 3 & 4 samples of the track “Sorry!” performed by the Green/Nuckolls/Ronsen/Walsh quartet on Cohort Records.
“R'shee'ma” • electro-acoustic collage work from recordings made by Genevieve Walsh (voice, drums), Glen Nuckolls (banjo), Jacob Green (percussion, electronics) and Josh Ronsen (guitar, voice, electronics). This was made for a compilation on the theme of lists.
“Inadvertent Flying Saucer Attack Imitation” • While processing some rehearsal recordings that weren’t useful due to a buzz in the recording, an experiment through an echo developed this poor imitation of the psych-rock group Flying Saucer Attack. This is not meant as an insult, but as an homage. Performers were: Josh Ronsen (guitar, processing), Jacob Green (oboe), Bill Thompson (computer) and Vanessa Arn (electronics).
“Kayeets Charak Zamar” • electro-acoustic noise on To Ancient Noise compilation;
“a.Lift” • collage piece on FLUXuations compilation. This contains about 400 sounds, can you name them all?
Destroy // Austin • (video) 5/19/18 trio of Marina Peterson, Christopher Petkus and Josh Ronsen providing music for dancers Errin Delperdang, Katherine Hodges, Lisa Anne Kobdish, Laura Mobley, Rosalyn Nasky, Erica Gionfriddo and Cassandra Wulff, choreographed and directed by Leyya Mona Tawil.
“LSJ” • (Video) 11/10/2013, debut performance of LSJ trio with Lisa Cameron, Shawn McMillen & Josh Ronsen
“Nakatani Gong Orchestra” • (Video) 03/08/2013 Church of the Friendly Ghost series. Participants: Matthew Burnett, Chelsey Moore, Josh Ronsen, Derrick Fore, Ellen Hutchinson, Arthur Simone, Thomas Fang, and Greg Cooksey
“Duo and Trio with Susan Alcorn” • (Video) 7/15/2012, excerpts with Susan Alcorn, solo and in duos and trio with Josh Ronsen and Travis Weller
ND Studios Performance • the Jacob Green Ensemble with Jacob Green (sampling keyboard), Josh Ronsen (bowed bass buitar), Matt LaComette (electronics) and Lee Dockery (electric double-bass, electronics)
“Snare Drum / Aluminum Foil Duet” • Nick Hennies (snare drum) and Josh Ronsen (aluminum foil) at the Austin Intl Noise Conference, April 8, 2008
“While We Were Asleep” • Jacob Green (oboe, chimes, electronics) composition with Josh Ronsen (clarinet, chimes)
“Music for Big Band” • 2003 Ilya Monosov composition with samples from Josh Ronsen and Bill Thompson. Notes.
“for Christian Wolff” • Josh Ronsen (rock, vice)
RRR-500 • 6 turntable presentation of the RRR-500 locked-groove LP with Rick Reed, Jeff Filla, Seth Nehil, Scott Telles, Carlton Crutcher and Josh Ronsen
Le Train Fântome • musical exquisite corpse project, also featuring contributions from Alex Keller and Marc McNulty

 2013 Quintet in Boston

Josh Ronsen, Rob Forman, Glen Nuckolls, Genevieve Walsh, David Gross, in Boston, May 2013. Photo by Seth Tisue
Glen Nuckolls (blue shirt), Josh Ronsen, Genevieve Walsh, Jacob Green & Mari Akita performing at End of an Ear records, 2006. Photo by Dan Plunkett.
Aftermath of Paper Piece performance
Aftermath of performance of Ben Patterson’s “Paper Piece” on November 23, 2008 with Josh Ronsen, Jacob Green, Mari Akita, Alex Keller and Greg Headley. Photo by niwi.
Sound Cave performance
Sound Cave performance @ NMASS 2011 with The Enforcer, Brent Fariss (contrabass), The Usher, Deena Odelle Hyatt (movement), The Helper, Bill Bridges (expert technical assistance) and The Mover, Josh Ronsen (design, sound, video). Photo by Nisa Asokan.
Unintended Paper Orgy
Unintended paper orgy during performance at the An Orogeny of Circumstance festival, 1997
Food Piece No. 2 (2014)
Food Piece No. 2 (2014) @ No Shame Theater, 2015