creative improvisation
performance art
image projection

Upcomming Performances (2016):
Jun 23? - LSJ trio at NMASS, Austin TX, ?pm
Frequency Curtain CD now available as download on Elevator Bath bandcamp site.
? - Working with new trio of Jeff Dhalgren (vocals, electronics), Laura Brackney (clarinet, misc.) and Josh Ronsen (guitar, clarinet, accordion). Commission us to create something unique.
Most first and third Fridays in Austin, Josh Ronsen performs in some sense of the word at No Shame Theatre, sponsored by Salvage Vanguard Theater. 10pm, free. Come and perform.

? —- now accepting commissions to provide unique, site-specific experimental noise and performance art events in your venue or residence. Two minutes to two days, you decide. Possibilities are nearly limitless. Affordable rates.

The brekekekexkoaxkoax track “Kokopelmana” appears on the Master Cactus Issue #3 Audio Cassete Magazine.
Fluxus Montana has released the debut CD eliminal by the UNPOPULAR SCIENTISTS, a prepared guitar duo of Reed Altemus and Josh Ronsen. The CD contains three tracks recorded live in Massachusetts in 2013.

Instincto Records has released the 3CD compilation Austin Noise 2015 which contains the electro-acoustic work “Galaktoboureko” by brekekekexkoaxkoax.


SACHA: Are you the doctor?
IVANOV: A trombone is the longest distance between two points.
SACHA: You're not the doctor.
—Tom Stoppard
Past Events: