creative improvisation
performance art
image projection

Upcomming Performances (2018):
? — ? Commission brekekekexkoaxkoax for creative event: reasonable prices, limitless possibilities.
Two Days in May — 2 live performances by Frequency Curtain (Rick Reed & Josh Ronsen) — is now available for streaming/download & CD purchase from TIBProd Italay.
tips for the space tourists — a collaboration with Jeff Dahlgren and Will Soderberg — is now available for streaming/download & CD purchase on the white rose network.

? — now accepting commissions to provide unique, site-specific experimental noise and performance art events in your venue or residence. Two minutes to two days, you decide. Possibilities are nearly limitless. Affordable rates.

“Cognianalogytion” and “Report All Obscene Mail To Your Potsmaster” (a collaboration with {AN} EeL) on {EeL?}?~ Ixer - Vol 1 :?:?Performance Relic on (BandCamp)


SACHA: Are you the doctor?
IVANOV: A trombone is the longest distance between two points.
SACHA: You’re not the doctor.
—Tom Stoppard
Past Events:
September 24, 2018 — Destroyers! trio with Marina Peterson, Christopher Petkus & Josh Ronsen @ the Volstead, 9pm.
July 20, 2018 — Josh Ronsen performs with Phonography Austin at NMASS, 7pm.

October 23, 2017 — brekekekexkoaxkoax CD release show for tips for the space tourists; Jeff Dahlgren and Josh Ronsen perform to the CD @ the Volstead

July 18, 2017 — with Phonography Austin, performance of Pauline Oliveros’ SONIC MEDITATIONS @ the Texas State Capitol, Underground Rotunda, 7pm
June 11, 2017 — Lone Star Zine Fest @ Cheer Up Charlie’s, 1pm
April 24, 2017 — solo collage work @ the Volstead, 7pm — also playing, Alex Keller
February 6, 2017 — solo electro-acoustic music, “I’ve Forgotten All Of Your Names” @ the Volstead, 7pm — also playing, Brent Fariss, Sheffielf/Rippie, Moist Flesh, Vanessa Gelvin
January 3, 2017 — performance art show @ the Volstead, a retrospective of Event Scores, 1996-2016 by Josh Ronsen