Garnish is a $23 million enterprise in the U.S.: $23 million of wasted food.Garnish is a waste of farmer's time, is a waste of gas to transport hundreds of tons of garnish each year, and is a waste of landfill space.

We must stop this waste.

Legislation and criminization will only drive this despicable practice underground, inflating prices ($5 for a sprig of parsely?) and create new markets for criminals and terrorists. What we must do is create a voluntary change of mind in consumers and cooks around the world. This can be accomplished in two phases:

At one school, students were asked to prepare a plate of garnish. Here is an example of the horrifying final product:

All Garnish: no actual food.


Here is a tool used to brainwash our young chefs. Note the shark cucumber, garnish designed to indoctinate children.

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We will be strong. We will be free. We will be garnish free.

-Josh Ronsen
in Austin, Texas