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I have been involved with Mail Art since 1995 when I discovered it in Dan Plunkett's N D magazine. I became N D's Mail Art editor for the last couple of issues.
Music and sound art are my primary artisitc passions, but I receive great satisfaction from the dozen or so Mail Art projects I do every year. Assembly Zines are my favorite projects.
Below are projects I have organized and a few projects I have participated in. Many of the projects I organize are published as/in my music publication Monk Mink Pink Punk.

-Josh Ronsen, Austin, Texas, USA


  1. NEW PROJECT: Tiny Art Exchange — contact me for an invitation
  2. REVISING THE CENTURY — 41 artists helped me alter photos of the 20th Century.
  3. TINY BOX. 50 people submitted tiny multiples of 25. These were placed in tiny handmade boxes.
  4. MAIL ANT — Some 33 artists sent me ant art. These were turned into a poster. I have a few leftover copies available for trade for interesting publications.
  5. TACMA — in 2005 I founded the Texas Association of Concerned Mail Artists. We have done 2 group projects and are working on a third.
  6. Huxley story mutation
  7. The Pierre Boulez Project
  8. First Words Project — I asked for the first words people heard after getting my request. The responses were put in word balloons over ants.
  9. Monk Mink Pink Punk #8 — a collection of 3 Mail Art projects, “music heard in dreams,” stories using 39 words from a Lawrence Durrell novel, examples of “Josh Ronsen” written by numerous artists, friends and musicians.
  10. Index Card project — I sent card catalog/index cards to 20 mail artists. 4 returned them, filed out.
  11. Monk Mink Pink Punk #10 — an informative pamphlet: “Mail Art: Know the Dangers!”
  12. Collaborative Story — an exquisite corpse project
  13. Monk Mink Pink Punk #13 — an assembly zine on the theme “Text Play.”


My Online Gallery of MAIL ART

My Mail Art Archive movie

I was interviewed by the Austin Chronicle about Mail Art along with Honoria and Diana Garcia.

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