Add & Pass Cut & Paste Zine

Mail Art Projects of Josh Ronsen

When I receive an Add & Pass page, I cut it up to become pages in the Add & Pass Cut & Paste Zine.
Volume 8, March 2021: featuring contributions from Emilio J. Carrasco, Ilya Semenko-Basin, José Nogueira, Magd Lagerwerf, Thorsten Fuhrmann, Fabienne Ruaut Lichet, Eduardo Cardoso, Samuel Montalvetti, Uwe Klein, Giovarri & Renata Stradada, Bruno Chiarlome, Mindaugas Zuromskas, R.F. Côté, Martine Latrille, Museum of Mail Art, Serse Luigetti, Dadanautik, Dustin Cecil, Robert Pritchett, Mark Rossmiller, Alex Guildzen, Hilgart, Jim Hayes, Shirley Gergel, E. Legrand, Marguerile K. Rohr, Mars Tokyo, David Stanley Aponte, Ed Giecek, C. Mehrl Bennett, Reid Wood, Norma Soulet, Opal Moiety, Jon Foster, Lord Fugue, Mail Art Out of the Box, Carol Canfield, Ken B. Miller, Jenn Mittenberger, C.Z. Lovecraft, Boog, Susan W., Maggie Mize, The Haddock, Mike Dickau, Bonniediva, Cameron Terhune, John Held, Jr., Fleur Helsingur, Bad News Bingo!, Guido Bondioli, Karen Wood, Anthony Stagg, Buzz Blurr, Ex Posto Facto, Joey Patrickt, Brooke Cooks, Jayne B. Lyons, Jokie X. Wilson, Elke Grundmann, Theo Nelson, Gerda Osteneck, Katerina Nikoltsou, Keiichi Nakamura, Erni Bär, Giovanni Donqudi, Kayenderes, Angela Behrendt, Massimo Medola, Pier Roberto Bassi, Erin Young, Francesco Cornell , and others. Edition of 75.
Add&PassCut&Paste Zine 8
Volume 7, July 2020: featuring contributions from C.Z. Lovecraft, Carmen Kennedy, Ex Posto Facto, Dan Buck, Melissa, Mars Tokyo, Julie Dennehy, Denise Woodward, Jon Foster, The Introverted Post, Tom Hilgartner, Guido Bondioli, Ed Glecek, W.C. Bill Porter, Jim Hayes, Kathy Barnet, Bonniediva, The Sticker Dude, Buz Blurr, Mike Dickau, C. Mehrl Bennett, Joey Patrickt, Mim, Toni Hanner, Brooke Cooks, Haddock, E. Legrand, Jayne B. Lyons, Pete Spence, Solamito Luigino, Antonio Gómez, The Celestial Scribe, Magda Lagerwerf, Kerosene, Jean-Charles Boilevin, UU, Eb-Art Janke, R.F. Côté, Dystatic, Theo Nelson, Treena, Annrose Georgeson, Rota Postal, Elke Grundman, P.L. Schedler, Uwe Klein, Roberto Formigoni, Diane Bertrand, Eléna Amette, Eric Largolff, Séverine M. de Gramont-Vossot, Katerina Nikoltsou, Massimo Medola, Eduardo Gardoso, Isao Yoshii, Giovanni & Renata Stradada, Marco Bevilacqua, Moreno Menarin, Bibliotheca Gullbiana, Manuel Sainz Serrano, Museum of Mail Art (Ukraine), Shozo Shimamoto, and others. Edition of 63.
Add&PassCut&Paste Zine 7
Volume 6, January 2020: featuring contributions from Mim Golub Scalin, David Stanley Aponte, C.Z. Lovecraft, Fleur Helsingor, Jon Foster, Mike Dickau, Dystatic, Ed Giecek, Neosho, Amy Irwen, Ex Posto Facto, and others. Edition of 53.
Add&PassCut&Paste Zine 6
Volume 5, April 2019: featuring contributions from Victor M. Da Silva, Jr., Mim Golub Scalin, David Stanley Aponte, C.Z. Lovecraft, Kimesa Jones, Fleur Helsingor, Jon Foster, Dennis Gergel, Tim Collapse, Allan Beaty, Mike Dickau, Dystatic, Ed Giecek, Eduardo Cardoso, Edition Janus/Eb-Art Janke, Matthew Stulte, Jayne B. Lyons, A. Sleep, Neosho, Norma Soulet, E. Legrand, Amy Irwen, Jonkan Alex Nu-jetson, I. Semenenko-Basin, Jim Hayes, Katerina Nikoltsou, Laura Barletta, Ex Posto Facto, Stripygoose, Tim Collapse, Tom Hilgartner, Eric Langolff, Lubomyr Tymkiv, Chorianopoulou Maria, Eric Bensidon, and others. Edition of 36.
Add&PassCut&Paste Zine 5
Volume 4, December 2018: featuring contributions from Eberhard Janke, Borderline Grafix, Jayne B. Lyons, Colin Scholl, Jon Foster, Don Horta, CZ Lovecraft, Subreal Alchemy Aponte, Mars Tokyo, Connie Jean, William Whorral, Elizabeth LeGrand, Buzz Blurr, Mike Dickau, Brooke Cooks, Ed Glecek, Katerina Nikoltsou, Eduardo Cardeso, and others. Edition of 19.
Add&PassCut&Paste Zine 4
Volume 3: featuring contributions from D.C. Spauling, Moreno Menarin, Katerina Nikoltsou, A. Sleep, Buz Blurr, Frips, Georgie Stone, Jimi Camero, and many others. Edition of 15.
Add&PassCut&Paste Zine 3
Volume 2: featuring contributions from Dada Nautik, Lord Fugue, C.Z. Lovecraft, Kobb Labs, Mete Sarabi, Eduardo Cardoso, Nicholas Johnson, Massimo Medola and Marina Salmaso. Edition of 8.
Add&PassCut&Paste Zine 2
Volume 1: Edition of 4.
Add&PassCut&Paste Zine 1-4

-Josh Ronsen, Austin, Texas, USA


  1. ONGOING PROJECT: Add&Pass Cut&Paste Zine — Add & Pass pages are cut up and bound into small booklets.
  2. ONGOING PROJECT: Tiny Art Exchange — contact me for an invitation
  3. REVISING THE CENTURY — 41 artists helped me alter photos of the 20th Century.
  4. TINY BOX — 50 people submitted tiny multiples of 25. These were placed in tiny handmade boxes.
  5. MAIL ANT — Some 33 artists sent me ant art. These were turned into a poster. I have a few leftover copies available for trade for interesting publications.
  6. TACMA — in 2005 I founded the Texas Association of Concerned Mail Artists. We have done 2 group projects and are working on a third.
  7. Huxley story mutation
  8. The Pierre Boulez Project
  9. First Words Project — I asked for the first words people heard after getting my request. The responses were put in word balloons over ants.
  10. Monk Mink Pink Punk #8 — a collection of 3 Mail Art projects, “music heard in dreams,” stories using 39 words from a Lawrence Durrell novel, examples of “Josh Ronsen” written by numerous artists, friends and musicians.
  11. Index Card project — I sent card catalog/index cards to 20 mail artists. 4 returned them, filed out.
  12. Monk Mink Pink Punk #10 — an informative pamphlet: “Mail Art: Know the Dangers!”
  13. Collaborative Story — an exquisite corpse project
  14. Monk Mink Pink Punk #13 — an assembly zine on the theme “Text Play.”


My Online Gallery of MAIL ART

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