Archive of Josh Ronsen

These are a few of the projects that have accepted my work, which usually involves the use of collage and text.
You can also view the hundreds of works I created for the Revising the Century, Tiny Art Exchange, 2022 Postcard Exhibit, and Honor Roll ATC projects.

-Josh Ronsen, Austin, Texas, USA



Sent to: Dystatic's Herbararium zine
Sent to: Jennifer Weigel
Sent to: Conceptual Continuity (Italy)
Sent to: Tacones cercanos (Heels) (Spain)
Sent to: Fire Mail Art (Brazil)
Sent to: Desires project (Spain)
Sent to: Andreas Hofer project (Germany)
Sent to: Collage project (Italy)
Sent to: Sputnik 2007 (Russia)
robot, spaceman & dada
Sent to: MailMania 3
Sent to: Poetry and Stamp Art (Ukraine)
Sent to: Recycled Art (France)
Why the management no longer allows M.Boulez to mix drinks in his room
Sent to: Room Creation 2005 (Germany)
3 Postcards to Geof Huth (NY) - Read his skillfull anaysis! And this further analysis.
Laura Dunn's ATC 10/10 Exchange #1 (ME)
Laura Dunn's ATC 10/10 Exchange #6 (ME)
Insects (France)
Sharon Zimmers's 40th Birthday Project (FL)
Imposted Art's 3007 Project (Italy)
What about Croxhapox? Project (Belgium)
Jules Verne (Belguim)
Peace project (?)
I Just Don't Listen
Unsent piece...
postcard with spyrograph
dolphin pages for WIPE
40 pages sent to WIPE project (Australia)


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