Gallery of Submissions

Send in 12 handmade ATCs and get in return a deck with 12 different cards. Project is ongoing until this page says it's not.

-Josh Ronsen, Austin, Texas, USA



Issue 11: April 2024 with C.Z. Lovecraft, T.E. Larsen, Peter Müller, Valentina Cozzi, Carol Canfield, Luigino Solamito, Ed Giecek, Non Local Variable, Christian Alle, Aurora Andrade, Jennifer Weigel, Juan Fran Núñez Parreño, and Josh Ronsen
Issue 10: March 2024 with Fast Eyes, Judi Kauffman, C.Z. Lovecraft, Ed Giecek, Diane Bertrand, Non Local Variable, Juan Fran Núñez Parreño, Dystatic, Lubomyr Tymkiv, Aurora Andrade, Carol Canfield, Jennifer Weigel, and Josh Ronsen
Issue 9: January 2024 with T.E. Larsen, Sil Dubois. Sara Thomas, Non Local Variable, C.Z. Lovecraft, Coco Muchmore, Christian Alle, Maria Quiroga, Jennifer Weigel, Aurora Andrade, Carol Canfield, Ed Giecek, and Josh Ronsen
Issue 8: November 2023 with Christian Alle, Carol Canfield, Adamandia Kapsalis, Michelle Gendreau, Willemien Visser, Lubomyr Tymkiv, Dystatic, C.Z. Lovecraft, Diane Bertrand, Ed Giecek, Aurora Andrade, Jennifer Weigel and Josh Ronsen
Issue 7: September 2023 with Carol Canfield, Ed Giecek, Torill E. Larsen, Sil Dubois, Diane Bertrand, Pascal Minart, Tim Collapse, Jenn Miltenberger, C. Mehrl Bennett, C.Z. Lovecraft, Jennifer Weigel, Aurora Andrade, and Josh Ronsen
Issue 6: August 2023 with C. Mehrl Bennett, C.Z. Lovecraft, Rosa Gravino, Terry Owenby, Christian Alle, Ed Giecek, Shmuel, Marguerite Rohrbach, Steev Hise, Sharen Delaune-Rensen, Aurora Andrade, Jennifer Weigel, and Josh Ronsen
Issue 5: July 2023 with Lars Schumacher, Jennifer Weigel, Ed Giecek, Karen Wood, C. Mehrl Bennett, Marguerite Rohrbach, Louise Héroux, Aurora Andrade, Dystatic, Valerie Rajcic, Theo Nelson, Joan Whitmore, and Josh Ronsen
Issue 4: July 2023 with Lubomyr Tymkiv, Aurora Andrade, Michelle Gendreau, Jennifer Weigel, Susan Gnaedinger, C.Z. Lovecraft, BBGRIMM, Carol Canfield, Edition Janus, Piccadilly Post, Lars Schumacher, Torill E. Larsen, and Josh Ronsen
Issue 3: June 2023 with Anna Maria Matone, Carien van Hest, Coco Muchmore, Ed Giecek, Christian Alle, Willemien Visser, Amy Irwen, Keiichi Nakamura, Carmen Kennedy, Non Local Variable, Jennifer Weigel, Paulo Teles, and Josh Ronsen
Issue 2: May 2023 with Snappy, Sabela Baña, Sharen Delaune-Rensen, Kerosene, Fleur Helsingor, Carmela Rizzuto, Jennifer Weigel, William Mellott, Dystatic, Carol Canfield, C. Mehrl Bennett, Anna Maria Matone, and Josh Ronsen
Issue 1: April 2023 with Jennifer Weigel, Carol Canfield, Catherine Kanvik, C.Z. Lovecraft, Adamandia Kapsalis, Piccadilly Post, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, C. Mehrl Bennett, Karen Wood, Roberto Formigoni, Mailarta, Pascal Minart, and Josh Ronsen


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