Mail Ant Project

the Mail Art of Josh Ronsen


For some reason, I became fascinated by ants and ant research in college (although a viewing of the movie PHASE IV when I was very young lingered in my mind for many years). Ants were featured in my First Words Project.
In 2007 I put out a call on the theme of Mail Ant. The results will amaze you.
The entries were printed on a 13 inch by 19 inch poster, published as Monk Mink Pink Punk #16


Roland Halbritter — Germany
Claudio Grandinetti — Italy
Esteele Toby Goldstein — Califormia
Esteele Toby Goldstein — Califormia
Eric Langolff — France
“E” — France
Cherie Bright — Texas
Miche-Art-Universalis — Belguim
Ruggero Maggi — Italy
Giovanni Bonanno — Italy
Giovanni Bonanno — Italy
Adamandia Kapsalis — Illinois
Marina Salmaaso — Denmark
Marina Salmaaso — Denmark
Bruno Chiarlone — Italy
Catherine Fraser — Australia
Angela Behrendt — Germany
Petala Eytihia — Greece
Ed Buddz B. — Illinois
Keith A. Buchholz — Missouri
Laura Ray — Kentucky
Miguel Jimenez — Spain
Miguel Jimenez — Spain
Andrea Jay — New York
Fabio Sassi — Italy
Fabio Sassi — Italy
José Manuel Figueiredo — Portugal
Alyx Salazar — Texas
Cassidy Edens — Texas
Lora Vaughan — Texas
Spencer Burchet — Texas
Chase Burchett — Texas
Megan Edens — Texas
Snappy — Canada
Battstella Elisa — Italy
Loumond — Spain
Josh Ronsen — Texas


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