Tiny Box Project

the Mail Art of Josh Ronsen


In 2007, I asked for 25 small pieces of art, smaller than an inch squared. 49 artists submitted. The works were placed in one of two sets of 25 tiny boxes and mailed to each submitter. What wonders! What joy!
Tiny Box No.1
These boxes were published as Monk Mink Pink Punk #18. All editions went to submitters. But if you must pry (you must! you must!), here are scans of all the works. 2D jpegs do not do justice for many of these pieces. A TINY BOX was featured in the Fluxhibition #3 organized by Cecil Touchon at UT Arlington.


Abby Salazar — Texas

Gary P. Jones solved the puzzle. It is a hand giving the peace sign over a globe.

Adamandia Kapsalis — Illinois
Alfonso Caccavale - Italy
Anabela G & Bruno C — Portugal
Andrea Jay — New York
Angela Behrendt — Germany
Anne Braunschweig — New Mexico
ARC — Massachusetts
Battistella Elisa — Italy
Brian Day — Nebraska
Carmela Rizzuto — California
Carol Starr — New Mexico
Cecil Touchon — Texas
Cherrie Bright — Texas
Claudio Grandinetti — Italy
Cristina Duchaump — Michigan
Ct. Pf. Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr — Colorado
Dennis Charmot — France
Fabio Sassi — Italy
Giovanni StraDADA Ravenna — Italy
Gregory Gambone — New Jersey
Horst Baur — Germany
J. Farmer — New York
Jennifer Zoellner — Florida
Jenny Ronsen — Texas
John Bennett — Ohio
José Manuel Figueiredo — Portugal
Josh Ronsen — Texas

[These were aluminum foil wrapped objects with Hebrew text flagellum. There are tiny doors cut into the foil. What lies behind?]

Judith Skolnick — Washington DC
Kaori Chiba — California

[These are very strange homemade paper (?) flower things; photos can not do justice.]

Keith A. Buchholz — MO
Kim Glovak — California

[The reverse side were glass mirrors, with different items colored/etched into the mirror.]

Laura Ray — Kentucky
Laura — United Kingdom
Loumond — Spain
Marina Salmaso — Denmark
Megan Sandover-Sly — Canada
Miche-Art-Universalis — Belguim
Michelle Ahola — California
Miguel Jimenez — Spain
Rawdon Artist Center — Canada

[These were tiny wooden (?) mushroom/cupcake things. Very strange. Were they hand made? What happens if you eat one?]

Reid Wood — Ohio
Roberto Keppler — Brazil
Ruggero Maggi — Italy
Samuel Montalvetti — Argentia
Scott Ray Randall — California
Serse Luigetti — Italy
Snappy/Studio J — Canada
Thorsten Fuhrmann — Germany
Wackystuff — Canada
Both editions of the boxes


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