issue 12 :: July 2007

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REVIEW: Israeli Noise Music

Grundik + Slava / Victoria Hanna “live in Jerusalem, April 15, 2004” online release [QUBE]
reviewed by Josh Ronsen
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Smelovsky have been active since the mid-1990s, each a multi-instrumentalist using various electronics, computers, guitars, theremins and field recordings in their works. Two of their previous records were called “Frogs” and “For Electronics and Birds.” They have worked with many other musicians, video artists and dancers, and since Kasyansky moved to New York City, numerous performances and collaborations have occurred there. For this 2004 show in Jerusalem, they are joined by vocalist Victoria Hanna.
Hanna’s vocalizations adeptly matches the diversity of electronic work used here, at times being sampled into it live, creating a distorted reflection of the shifting,chanting voice. Moaning, yelling, singing, huffing bits of language, her voice merging in with the other instruments, mixed to the background or soaring on top of it. Radios, samples, drones, odd, unidentifiable noise, heavily reverbed guitar, a bell form a series of medium density soundscapes.
I found this live recording to be a rewarding listen and some of the best noise music from Israel I have unconvered so far.
An interview with the duo appears on the Heathen Harvest webpage.
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