issue 13 :: September, 2007

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Score: For Brandon Young

Cut out a daily crossword puzzle. Choose a two-language dictionary of a foreign language and your own, in this case, English-Hebrew. For each Across entry, choose the first word with that many letters that appears in the dictionary, then choose the next word in the dictionary with as many letters as the next Across entry. For example, in this case, the first Across entry is four letters long, and the first word in my dictionary is the English looking t’una (accident). 5-Across has five letters and the first five letter word after t’una is ma’kar (acquaintance). And so on:

When the puzzle is completed, write down each numbered Down word, in this case, 1-Down becomes the delightful “tlomcmumb.” 2-Down becomes “ufrihageg.”

The list of words is spoken, sung, shouted in as many different ways as possible. Words may be grouped into sentences with appropriate or inappropriate inflections.
-Josh Ronsen
Austin, Texas
Spring, 2007

For an Austin New Music Co-op concert, Brandon Young composed his own version of this piece using a French dictionary. You can listen to an .mp3 recording made at the concert.
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