issue 13 :: September, 2007

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Score: He/She

For 2 performers, male and female. First performed by Brandon Young and Elana Logsdon at the Flux Cafe, February 28, 2004.
-Josh Ronsen

SHE: He also bought an old, blind woman to raise and teach the girls.

HE: She became less and less, as it became darker and darker until whatever of her that existed in this world was gone.

SHE: He begins to make himself at home and starts to fry some food in a black skillet on the stove.

HE: She began to read, but stopped, puzzled at the unidentifiable script.

SHE: He did not need to see this to know where the other man was going.

HE: She craddled his lifeless body in her bony arms.

SHE: He finished his story and placed his hands by his sides.

HE: She cried, "Steve, Steve," over and over.

SHE: He fired.

HE: She does not notice me approach her.

SHE: He followed, slowly at first, but faster in order to catch up with the blond-haired man.

HE: She had on a few occasions told me, almost as a confession, that someday she would change, and this change would miraculously remove all from her personality that she considered

defects, and replace them with more positive characteristics.

SHE: He is in the living-room watching television.

HE: She has been looking on with some amusement to my encounter with her image that is across from her.

SHE: He looked into the eyes of the man with blond hair.

HE: She is about sixty or seventy, and is wearing a simple housedress.

SHE: He ordered the wise men and sages that lived in his kingdom to construct for him a ring that would make him happy when he felt sorrow, and sad when he felt joy.

HE: She is thinking of something, I cannot guess what (I never could), and is not concentrating on her song.

SHE: He ordered them to construct a huge wall to surround his land.

HE: She let go of the paper, but it, It, was already freed from its prison.

SHE: He placed his fingertips together, looking like he was going to deliver a sermon.

HE: She looked as she was at a party and knew no one there.

SHE: He reluctantly agrees and rises from the chair, turning the picture off.

HE: She now looks at the flower, as do I.

SHE: He says that he wants to finish watching the show that is on.

HE: She opens the door behind her, and pulls me in after her.

SHE: He seems to have a plan in mind that we have discussed before hand.

HE: She rests her head on her hand, her fingers curled against her cheek.

SHE: He thought of the pen, a gift from his late father, and he recalled the last time that he saw his father alive.

HE: She should have been pleased to experience literature that was almost dripping with newness.

SHE: He turned and faced the blond man, and nodded.

HE: She sits there, with a slight smile on her face, almost a smirk.

SHE: He turned, went forward and was soon out of sight.

HE: She started to go down to him.

SHE: He walked away, thinking about pens and rings.

HE: She turns her attention back to me, and grins slyly.

SHE: He was very jealous of us for finding this place before we did.

HE: She was obviously bored by it all, I couldn? see how, as my fiction of late defied almost all conventions of modern literature.

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