issue 15 :: July 2008

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Chicago Jazz in the 1970s



Richard Kendrick lived in the Chicago area in the late 1970s and while studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, photographed many notable jazz musicians who passed through the town, mostly at the Jazz Showcase. The pictures were taken with a Pentax Spotmatic II with Tri-X pushed to A.S.A. 1600. No flash was used. The photos look more amazing than they do here (the dust spots are from my scanner, not from the photos). It is my hope that these web pages will lead to a more prestigious print home. We do not have accurate information as to exactly when these performances happened. I have managed to track some shows to exact dates, but if you have and better data, please let me know.


Richard now publishes the Vagabond Press imprint. Still a lover of jazz, he hosts The Cutting Edge, an adventurous jazz show on KOOP radio on Sundays (streaming broadcasting is available) here in Austin, Texas.

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