issue 17 :: August 2010

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MAIL ART: Diane Bertrand

As with my interests in music, literature, cinema and the visual arts (and Mail Art can be seen as a subset of or an extention of the visual arts), I become interested if not obsessed with the work of a few choice individuals. I can’t remember the details of how I first began to exchange works with Diane Bertrand of Quebec, but it was early on in my Mail Art life. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

1. How did you first learn about Mail Art?

From Francine Boulet, Jean-Claude Gagnon de Réparation de Poésie in Québec City & La Toan Vinh, in Montréal.

2. Do you remember the first piece of art you mailed out?

To artist book of Réparation de Poésie in 1993.

3. Did you have training/experience as an artist before this?

Calligraphy & Chinese painting beginning in 1993.

4. How did you learn the wonderful Japanese style of painting (sumi-e)?

With Zhang Lian Kui in Montréal.

5. How many projects do you contribute to each month?

I send my Mail art Agenda & artworks to each person who send me postcard, artwork & Mail Art info ... 520, in 2009...

6. What projects have you started?

I start my project of Mail Art Agenda in 1996: “send me a Peace of paper.”

7. Do you enjoy receiving/sending Mail Art to any particular countries? Whose Mail Art do you most look forward to getting? (besides mine…)

I enjoy receiving from USA & Europe ... I LOVE Clemente Padin Mail Art from URUGUAY & Ryosuke Cohen Brain Cell from Japan. I have the chance to meet them in Montréal, with La Toan Vinh.

8. Do you ever participate in add & pass projects?

I add to Art Terre Agenda... all Mail Art add & pass I find in my Mail Box.

9. What are your thoughts on Internet documentation for projects?

I am not an Internet FAN... my good friend Pierre Robert helped me [with this email].

10. Where did the name ART TERRE come from?

Art Terre come to my mind in 1996... from ARTÈRE (to carry blood to the heart).

11. Are the ART TERRE lists of names/addresses the inventory of your collection?

Art Terre Agenda helps me to make the inventory of my Mail Art collection.

The images above of Diane’s work have been sent to me over the years, either directly or in documention of projects. The pictures below have been culled from numerous web pages.

These images were pulled from some of these web pages:,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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