issue 17 :: August 2010

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REVIEW: Eric Cordier

“Osorezan” CD [Herbal Records]

"Selected field recording 1993-2006" proclaims the cover, offering aural trips to a Japanese volcano and access to village life in the French countryside. The volcano recordings are all bubbles of escaping hot gases, probably very smelly, but a soothing listen at low volumes, and nerve-wracking at high volume. These pieces don't sound processed, but some of the high-pitched bubbles sound so strangely unreal in a chaotic place of hisses, squeaks and rumbles.

The pieces recorded in France, amongst crowds on the ferry and at a yearly church bonfire ceremony, are partly incomprehensible to me, not being about to understand the multiple conversations happening at once. It is a puzzle: to put these aural clues of motors, shouting, footsteps, birds, to a visual map of the recorded events. Cordier (see interviews in MMPP 5 and MMPP 12) also contributes recordings to the Afflux project with Eric La Casa and Jean-Luc Guionnet.

review by Josh Ronsen

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