issue 17 :: August 2010

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REVIEW: Illusion of Safety

“The Need to Now” CD [Experimedia]

I shouldn't have been so surprised at how good, how diverse the seven tracks on beautifully designed release are. It's what I expect from Illusion of Safety. It's just been a while since I've heard new material from Dan Burke.
Tiny guitar string sounds, sampled Aisan pop music, electronic drones and effects, whispered vocals, cavernous crashes... The sound of distorting speakers on “Temporary Amnesia” reminds of the blown-out speakers at the IOS solo show in Austin, in 1996.
Chris Block, who conributed sound on some old IOS releases, tapes, provides the two textual photos that grace the oversized, foldout packaging, similar to other recent Experimedia releases. The front photo of rusting blue paint, lots of discoloration and blistering paint, at first glance looks like the globe of an alien Earth, the blue paint is the water, the brown rusty parts islands and contenents. It took me a while to see the photo for what it really was.
review by Josh Ronsen
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