issue 17 :: August 2010

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REVIEW: Giancarlo Toniutti

“qwalsamtimutkw?italuc'ik” CD [Alluvial Recordings]

The gorgeously deep rumbles here come from an invented instrument called a rattle-harp: a plate of steel, a long wire, numerous objects that rattle. The results do not sound like an instrument, but rather a multi-layered composition of disparate sounds, much like his 1986 masterpiece “Tèndine Lividìssima Cesòia” on the album “Epigènesi.” Whereas the earlier record pulsed with a maniacal, relentless spirit, “qwalsamtimutkw?italuc'ik” ebbs and flows through metallic scrapes, the deep rumbles (listen to this on good speakers!) (loud!), little things clinking together. I do not know how to praise this CD properly. Best of issue/year/decade?
Toniutti has also re-released his three early (1982-1983) cassettes into a 3LP box (along with a 10” of previously unreleased material) on the Vinyl On Demand label. I haven't heard this yet.
review by Josh Ronsen
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