issue 20 :: September 2011

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REVIEW: Austin Music Update

This was meant to be a comprehensive diary of every show I attended in 2010, but ended up being just a few photos.

Alex Keller • Spoon River Anthology Revisited installation @ Church of the Friendly Ghost, January 15, 2010
Alex Keller radios
Three homemade low watt radio transmitters send out recorded voices, “from beyond the grave” read from Edgar Lee Master's book Spoon River Anthology. Attendees would check out handheld radios and listen the the three voices, all tuned to the same frequency, fade in and out, interrupting and displacing each other.
Aron Taylor • Itself installation @ Co-Lab • February 6, 2010
Aron Taylor installations
Weird, inexplicable cardboard sculptures invaded the Co-Lab space for an evening. These were made during the preceeding days with help from visitors to the gallery who could photocopy parts of their bodys to add to the cardboard. Cardboard: I've worked with cardboard in the past (1987-1988). It's strong, it's durable, it has a low-tech look about it, and when ripped to pieces and reassembled, it looks like garbage that has come to life. And that was the feel to this show.
ST 37 in store @ Trailer Space Records, February 6, 2010
Remi Álvarez and Chris Cogburn workshop @ AAMP
Remi Alverez and Chris Cogburn
Dave Dove's Chopped and Screwed Duo @ AAMP
Dave Dove
Remi Álvarez, Ingebrigt Hĺker Flaten and Stefan Gonzalez @ AAMP
Free downloads of dozens of noise/experimental /creative/art musicians in Austin and the rest of Texas can be found at the Austinnitus site.
photos by Josh Ronsen
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