issue 20 :: September 2011

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Review: Gil San Marcos

DOMES LP [Bombay Cove]

Some nice textures of noise and feedback from this one man sonic assault. Using contact mics, a mixer and unidentifable effects, GSM avoids the white noise aesthetic of harsh noise acts: the six tracks here bubble and blurp into strata of rumbles, drones and static erruptions. Culled from different sessions and live shows between 2005 and 2008, DOMES... I just realized I have been listening this LP at 33rpm, when it is meant to be spun at 45rpm. It works at both speeds. At 45rpm, obviously the higher range has more definition and presence and sounds a little less weird than the 33rpm version, but I stand by what I wrote previously. At the intended speed, you can also hear the individual parts more clearly and perhaps reference them to other noise music tropes more easily, but that does not lessen its crunchy and engaging impact. I hope to hear more from this artist in the future; previous releases have been small pressings of tapes.
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