issue 21 :: March 2012

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Review: Philip Gayle

Babanço Total CD (Public Eyesore)

A friend and talented guitarist, once from Houston, now based in New York City, Philip Gayle lays down his guitars and other stringed instruments for a very strange record of all vocal sounds. “Improvised bodily functions, etc.” claims the CD, these gurgles, gibberish, smacks, smucks, abstract crooning and all manner of other mouth sounds are processed and layered into whimsical pieces with equally whimsical titles. “esa peko peko pah.” “feral basil pesto.” “merkin identity crisis.” “Pajama Turtles” sounds like a Gegorian chant choir backing an Ewok freakout. The processing of sounds seems limited to leave most of the natural and unmistakable complexities of the voice. Gayle brings as much variety to his vocals as he has done in the past on his guitars.

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