issue 21 :: March 2012

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Review: Eric Glick Rieman

In My Mind, Her Image Was Reversed CD (Accretions)

As used in previous releases, Rieman's instrument is a modified electric piano—prepared seems too neat of a word—whose tines are brushed, struck manually and processed by electronics. But such is Rieman's mastery over his unique instrument, that we can never be sure exactly what he is doing. There are many points when the music sounds like a Fender Rhodes piano, a beautiful instrument in my book, or a vibraphone, playing chords/scales from a rehearsal to "In a Silent Way." At other times, the music becomes alive with clock-like clickings and noises, maddenly repeated into loops and machine rhythms. This is wonderful music, not like anything else I can think of.
Photo by Travis Weller, 2003.
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