issue 21 :: March 2012

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Survey: Art vs. Politics

I asked this question to fellow participants at FluxFest Chicago 2012, on February 11, 2012 at the Chicago Cultural Center. These are off-the-cuff responses, and the respondants probably have more involved thoughts on the topic.
What should be the link between art and politics?
“Art and politics are always linked anyways. There is automatically a link between them. You can't do art without politics and you can't do politics without art.
Reed Altemus
“The link should be... there should be no link.
Picasso Gaglione
“For me, I try to avoid linking my art to politics, but I am sure that is a political view in itself.
Adamandia Kapsalis
“The link between art and politics should be Fluxus.
Jennie Hinchcliff (Red Letter Day)
“Everything and nothing.
—Tammy Kinsey
“Art is all about exploration, and I wish politics would be a bit more about exploration for new answers instead of just doing the same old thing. If the spirit of exploration that is used in art could be used by or inspire the politicians, that would be very good.
Vivian DaydeDada
“Keeping the right [side of the] brain going so the politicians don't win.
Jokie X. Wilson
“ Everything and nothing.
—Lydia Grey
“I don't know. I use art these days to escape from politics. I am so disappointed with politics. I am so disgusted with American politics that I quit reading the political blogs. I don't follow any of the political news. I don't watch the news programs. I am escaping into art, I am escaping more into Fluxus art. There was a time when art could make political statements, but I think that is very difficult in this country right now. Right now, for me personally, I don't see much link between art and politics.
Allen Bukoff
“The link between art and politics should be indistinguishable.
Cathi Schwalbe
“Careful action.
Melissa McCarthy
“None, unless it is financial going from politics to art.
My Life As A Collage
“About as long as a strange bedfellow.
Jeffrey A. Sass
Mary Campbell
“Absolutely none.
—Denise Grier
Bibiana Padilla Maltos
“About 27 feet, I think.
Reid Wood
“Dialog generator.
—Kelly Courtney
“There shouldn't be any link, they should be the same thing.
Keith Buchholz
“I would say that the link between art and anything should depend upon the artist and the observer, but in regards to politics, what isn't a link with politics? What isn't a link with art?.
Jennifer Weigel
“Hundred dollar bills.
John M. Bennett
“There should be no direct link between art and politics, except there is no such thing as art without politics, because all art is political all the time. The absence of overt political statement is also a political statement.
Allan Revich
Our previous survey was on the nature of today's avant-garde music.
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