issue 25 :: January 2015

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by Jason Pierce
the cistern contains:

the most sublime act, a Ratio by Incapacity [:RECOMPENSE]

horses of instruction expect poison....[privilege through neglect]

properties of woods its mental deity [implies a gathering of separate items]

organical perception; not for consequences [operation of a disposing influence]

will be consumed, and appear infinite [a distinct head bearing sensory organs]

in fire, apparent surfaces were arranged [:SUBSEQUENT TO]

In the fifth chamber were Unnamed forms [being an infinite sequence]

resist as if the producer only takes...[extending from a common center]

who are our Energies but a Sword [involving what is extreme]

is the Prolific devouring Leviathan [memnon nearly sacrificed]

So I remained with him sitting in the twisted [not subject to revision]

tedious, crawling after their prey; [a supernummery person or appendage]

who never alters his opinion withheld by [:CAUSTIC]

the stable and the church, Aristotles Analytics. [of use as inferior]

I saw that they sometimes grew numerous, [involuntary oscillation]

imposed upon me. Contents or Index [affects the propagation of radio waves]

Opposition sprouting from systematic reasoning:[mechanism of social control]

and an analysis of all superficial opinions. [compare MITOSIS]

seven houses of brick, he was consumed [acts are judged within their contexts]

infernal method, by corrosives, finite & corrupt.[or placement underground]

the cause of our despising removed mountains;[or apparatus]

enslaved the vulgar Till a system was formed [the genetically determined part]

Sooner murder an infant of honest indignation [of the unconscious]

that a thing is so, invokes so patheticly. [that are usually benign]

merely derivative of surrounding nations [but can become pathogenic]

as if Desire was cast out like torment [as in a viral agent]

the fountain overflows can never be defiled, [gods thrown into the sea]

cared not for consequences... asserted [as perceived without distortion]

that they had rebelled; practice ease [:also SUBSTANCE, GIST]

or gratification is to be expunged; chains [control over these resources]

between the black & white spiders distant [in course of execution]

Without Contraries is no progression [specious appearance of being]

description of buildings cloak excess Vacuum [fashionable elegance]

his forehead was divided above the foam [involving mutual responsibility]

with a grinning aspect is Oppression [revolt against society]

Jason Pierce is an artist and musician whose work has been in The Abrasion Ensemble, brekekekexkoaxkoax and MMPP 8. He was last seen in Georgia.
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