issue 28 :: October 2017

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Jeff Dahlgren Gallery

Jeff Dahlgren is a poet and musician from Atlanta who moved to Austin a few years ago. Known as Eggtooth (I’m afraid to ask why) and associated with the Atlanta Poet’s Group and its flowcharty masses of words, he has worked with a few noise groups in his new town including my brekekekexkoaxkoax project. He is also an accomplished painter, his works usually focusing on damaged, weathered tactile surfaces, with more recent works including his cryptic wordplay. One day early in 2016, he invited me to his house to photograph my favorites of his paintings. He can be reached via his email address,
Water Bearer (in collaboration with John Lowther) — 2011
I’m Discontented With Homes That I’ve Rented (in collaboration with John Lowther) — 2011
Inertia — 2014
Portal — 1999
Arctic Waters around Greenland, Canada, and Russia — 2011
Idealistic Ambitions — 2014
Thoughts Solidifying — 2016
Bitmap — 2000
Fire/Acid — 2002
Cha’s Rainbow — 2012
Untitled Tribute to Dutch Artists — 2016
Colors are Better than Lessons — 2016
Clean Ax Sept. — 2016
Nisa’s Rainbow (in retro) — 2015
N E One — 2016
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