issue 5 :: Spring, 1999

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FUN: Hal Hartley Drinking Game

1. Whenever someone asks a question in response to a question, take a sip.

2. The first time an actor appears on screen who has been in another Hartley film, take a sip. If it’s Martin Donovan, take 2 sips. If it’s Hartley himself (or his wife), take a swig.

3. Whenever someone reads from a book, take a sip. Whenever someone quotes from a book, take two sips.

4. When someone repeats what another character says, take a sip.

5. When someone’s a-dancing, you’re a-drinking.

6. If a character drinks, so do you.

7. Whenever a weapon is drawn or taken out, take a sip. When someone is beaten, slapped, punched, brutalized, manhandled or taunted, take a sip.

8. A phone call from a pay phone equals one sip

9. I always need a drink when I see a cop...

10. make up your own rule here.

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