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This independent and infrequent publication devoted to innovative, distinctive and creative music and art was started in 1994.

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CONTACT: Josh Ronsen • 2001 Brentwood • Austin TX 78757 • USA • josh (at) ronsen (dot) org






Kaoru Abe • Agent Ribbons • Alial Straa • Alial StraaAlvarius B.Oren Ambarchi & Robbie AvenaimAndreas Ammer & FM Einheitthe Amoebic EnsembleFortner AndersonMarisa AndersonRon AndersonRon Anderson, Robert L. Pepper, David Tamura & Philippe PetitRuth AndersonKoji AsanoAtavistAttaccaAugur • Augur & Birds of Tin • Augur & Birds of TinAutodidact • Avocado Baby • Ana-Maria Avram / Iancu DumitrescuDerek Bailey • Derek Bailey • Alain BassoPierre BastileBefore the RainElisabeth BelileJosh BermanAgnes BernelleJohn BerndtJohn BerndtBikini Kill • Olivia Block • Olivia BlockBlowholeBottlecapBougouni YaalaliPaul BowlesAnthony Braxton • Anthony Braxton • Anthony Braxton • Anthony BraxtonAnthony Braxton & Richard TeitelbaumBrilliant ColorsCaspar Brötzmann MassakerBrumeNigel BunnJohn Cage • John Cage • John Cage • John CageJohn CageJohn Cage & David TudorCanCandlesnuffle & Lukas SimonsCaneThe CannanesChristina CarterCo CasparChalk CircleCharalambides • Jani Christou • Thanasis Chrondros & Alexandra KatsianiCibo Matto • John Clyde-Evans • the CoctailsAnthony Coleman • Computer Soup • Congotronics • Tony Conrad • Tom Cora & David Moss • Eric Cordier • Eric Cordier • Eric CordierCrawling with TartsCruel FrederickIvor Cutler • Cyanosis • Chaya CzerowinDafeldecker, Kurzmann, et alMoniek DargeMoniek Darge • Das Synthetische Mischgewebe • Das Synthetische MischgewebeDas Synthrtische Mischgewebe & RLW • Willem de Ridder • Chrispoher DeLaurentiJim Denley • Directions in Music • Blowhole • Don Caballero • DQE • Costis Drygianakis • Iancu Dumitrescu • EarzumbaEve EgoyanEloineBrian EnoEquimanthornErratum #2Sandy Ewen, Damon Smith & Weasel Walterthe Ex • the Ex • F/IZusaan Kali FasteauFaustThe Feelies • Morton Feldman • Morton Feldman • Felt • Fibulator • the Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble • Milo FineMilo FineHarley Gaber • Kenneth Gaburo • Kenneth GaburoKenneth GaburoDiamanda Galas & John Paul JonesAkos GaraiOrlando Jacinto GarciaGastr del SolPhilip GaylePhilip GayleGiganticGil San MarcosGod Is My Co-PilotGod Is My Co-PilotIdo GovrinDavid GrubbsGrundik + Slava / Victoria HannaBernhard GünterGuruthe Hafler Triothe Hafler TrioHAGthe HatersBoris HaufNick HenniesJoane Hetu & Jean DeromeSteev HiseHolland HopsonFrancois Houle & Catriona Strang • Luc Houtkamp • John Hudak • John Hudak • Lida Husik • Kozo Ikeno • Kozo IkenoIllusion of SafetyIllusion of SafetyJandek • Jandek • JandekScot Jenerik / R.H.Y. YauJib Kidder • jgrznich & mnortham • JodisMason Jones • Arsenije Jovanovic • Arsenije JovanovicJudas PriestRolf Julius • Kampec Delores • Greg Kelley, Tatsuya Nakatani & Curt Newton • Kicking Giant • Kirchenkampf • Gerard Klauder • Alison Knowles • Kirk Knuffle & Jesse StackenKowald/Masaoka/RobairLisa KucharskiBrandon LaBelleEric La Casa • Helmut Lachenmann • Richard LermanAnna LindalDale Lloyd • Brian Locklin & John French • Annea LockwoodGiuseppi Logan • Francisco Lopez • Francisco Lopez • Erik M • Machine for Making Sense • Machine for Making SenseMagic Hour • Barbara Manning • Marcus MaederMarc MaronDenman MaroneyMassimo Falascone & Bob MarshMartiensgohome • Masada • Roel Meelkop • Charles Mingus • Alfredo Costa MonteiroJemeel Moondoc & Connie CrothersMiss Murgatroid & Petra Haden • Tatsuya Nakatani • Tatsuya Nakatani • Seth Nehil • Chris NewmanFrederic NograyLuigi NonoLuigi Nono • Luigi Nono • mnorthamMichael NorthamNorthern Machine • nmperign • nmperign / Jason LescalleetNurse with WoundObject • Jim O'Rourke • Jim O'Rourke • Pep Lester & His Pals • Steve Peters • Steve petersPlutonium FarmersPO! • PO! • PO! • PolwechselMichael PrimeProject W • Project W • Psychogeographical Dip • Dick Raaijmakers • Rachel'sRick ReedRobert ReigleEric Glick RiemanGino RobairRubble • Julie Ruin • George RussellSabalon GlitzBryan Lewis SaundersGiacinto ScelsiSchamsSeeded PlainSeeded Plane & Hal Rammel / (D)(B)(H)Shadowy Men On A Shadowy PlanetShellacArchie SheppSixteen DeluxeHoward SkemptonSmall Cruel PartyKendra Smith • Azalia Snail • Sonic Systems Laboratory • Mathias Spahlinger • Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionSplinter OrchestraST 37StereolabAlexandre St-OngeSuboko/Hübsch/SpiethSubterraneanact • Syllyk • Taming PowerGhedalia TazartesTel Aviv AftermathThat DogGiancarlo ToniuttiGiancarlo ToniuttiOlivier ToulemondeTortoise • Tortoise • Trophy WifeUndercarriageUnrestVenison WhirledVoice of Eye • Voices of Kwann • Dimitri VoudourisDimitri Voudouris • Chris Watson • Jane Weaverthe Weird WeedsWet InkGlenn WeyantAnna WiseIannis Xenakis • Iannis Xenakis • RHY Yau • YomillakJohn Zorn




Music (downloads)


Poetry / Literature

music issues:

— Interviews with Ken Friedman and György Ligeti
— Writings on the best Jazz, Noise, Modern Composition, Sound Art, Indie Rock/Pop
— Small Press Reviews
— Mail Art galleries
— Chanukah music on 78rpm in 1951, with narration by my cousin.
Available only at

#21 Online issue:
— Interview with Lisa Kucharski
Gerard Klauder cassette archive
— Writings on the music of Moniek Darge, Philip Gayle, Eric Glick Reiman, Gino Robair, Eve Egoyan, Alvarius B., Jandek and others
— Wondermark, Julian Jaynes, Photo (minus) Text.
Available only at

#20 Online issue:
— Interviews with Azalia Snail and Jim Denley
— Writings on the music of Rick Reed, Rubble, Voice of Eye, John Berndt, Dimitri Voudouris, Trophy Wife, Ron Anderson and others
— A letter from 1945. Which Frogs? Murals! Cross out art.
Available only at

#17 Online issue:
— Interviews with Philip Krumm and Dianne Bertrand
— Writings on the music of Anthony Braxton, Eric Cordier, Sonic Systems Laboratory, Dimitri Voudouris, Taming Power, Marcus Maeder, Milo Fine, Giancarlo Toniutti
— Essays on Aldous Huxley, Caravaggio and Lee Smolin
Available only at

#15 Online issue:
— Interviews with Jim O'Rourke and Michael Northam
— A Survey on the nature of today's avant-garde
— Reviews of noise music from Israel, Africa, the Mid-East and Asia
— Writings on the music of Kenneth Gaburo, Arsenije Jovanovic, the Splinter Orchestra, Object and others
— Artwork by Rick Reed
— Never before seen photos of 1970s jazz in Chicago: Mingus! Braxton! Sun Ra! Max Roach! Cecil Taylor!
Available only at
yet another fantastic collection of reviews and thoughts about new music for literate-minded folksStartling Moniker

#12 Online issue:
— Interviews with Eric Cordier and Keith Rowe
— The Hidden Meaning of “2001: A Space Odyssey”
— Reviews of noise music from Israel, Texas and the Democratic Republic of the Congo
— Writings on the music of Nigel Bunn, Christopher Delaurenti, Jim Denley and Glen Weyant
— Artwork by Josh Russell
— A collaborative story
Available only at Free!

#11 Online issue:
— 10 year follow up interview with Anthony Coleman
— A Defense of Abstract Art
— Reviews of Israeli and Korean music CDs
— Writings on the music of John Cage and Dale Lloyd
Available only at Free!

#9 6 Interviews with Gygory Ligeti 1972-1997, 2 published in English for the first time! Available only at Free!

#7 Translations of French interviews with Romanian acousmatic composers Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram.
Available only at: Free!

#6 “Essays By Sound Artists:” writings/graphics by Giancarlo Toniutti, Francisco Lopez, John Hudak, Michael Northam, John Grzinich, Seth Nehil, Gerard Klauder, RHY Yau, Christopher DeLaurenti, brekekekexkoaxkoax, Aletha Irby, Joseph Zitt, Eric Cordier, Steve Peters (writing about Alison Knowles), Brandon LaBelle, Iancu Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Avram, and Arsenije Jovanovic. 20 unusual pages on special paper in an aluminum foil cover, OUT OF PRINT!!!
Now online:
....a beautiful new issue.Anomalous Records catalog
....Half of this stuff is over my head, but that's a large part of what's so wonderful about sifting through it. As you go through here, a weird world begins to come into focus... This issue is highly recommended...Invisible City
....Special issue of this always cool Austin, Texas-based music 'zine.Aquarius Records

#5 Translations of French interviews with Giancarlo Toniutti, David Grubbs (Gastr del Sol), Bernhard Günter, Eric Cordier, Eric LaCasa (Syllyk) and Oliver Charrier. Photo-art by Seth Nehil. True fiction by Seth Tisue (with photos). 32 double pgs, $3
....a very interesting zine into experimental music and mail art. Inspiring interviews and essays… If you want to know more about conceptual musick and sound installations for example this one is for you.Widerstand.Org
....Very intelligent.Kick Bright Zine Listings & Review
....And building connections and networks of international artistic communication—the tasks that Mr. Ronsen's zine is undoubtedly committed to—requires us to check our cultural defenses at the door, set aside these cliches, and maybe actually listen and learn something.Invisible City
....MMPP is an information magazine with a clear layout that gives some interesting news from music all around the world.Sztuka Fabryka Archive of the most vital and eclectic music zines going. With some uniformly solid record review coverage sitting like cherries on top, this is a labour of love that is already compulsory reading.Broken Pencil #14

— Interviews with Anthony Coleman, Zusaan Kali Fasteau, the Coctails.
— A suggestion of Mingus records.
— Personal information of my life and work history. 48pgs, $2
....Josh's mix of the personal and learned, the humorous and the serious, is appreciated and all too rare these days.Caught in Flux #7
....a rather impressive scope, no? — Power Toot Catalog #8
....prints some of the most thoughtful record reviews ever. — Review Addict
....a zine that stands out from the rest, reviews of records you're unlikely to find in any other zine. — Factsheet 5 #62

— Interviews with God Is My Co-Pilot, PO!, Juliana Lueking.
— A record guide to the Hafler Trio.
48pgs — OUT OF PRINT.
Now online:
....mmpp is filled with lots of unusual stuff. — Power Toot Catalog #4.
....Finally Josh has published another issue... the always amusing "Reviews of Reviews" section (this issue's hapless target is Option's Lang Thompson).Caught in Flux #5
....but hey, it's pretty interesting — Panacea #1
....It's very "meaty" and neatly arranged, making it a bit like a literary anthology that you want to save or maybe even keep on your bookshelf. I like Josh's writing because it's very unpretentious and sincere considering the type of music he's writing about. — The Question #2
....A fresh collection of writing... I'm throwing this in my backpack for my next trip to the record store. — Factsheet 5 #59

#1 interviews with Illusion of Safety and Lida Husik. A record guide to Felt. 36pgs. $1 (with order of other zines). Now online: Free!
....One of the more well-versed music zines I've come across this time around. In its sphere of coverage, MMPP reads like a miniaturized version of the late (?) Lowlife or Forced Exposure without the off-putting attitude.Caught in Flux #3
....The Review of Reviews column, where they critique other magazine's reviews, is a great idea. — Browbeat #2
....seems a bit more oriented toward forward-thinking experimental musics. — Factsheet 5 #52

art issues:

— A tiny book about big spoons. 14 2"x2" pages. $1 or trade.

#22 Mini Booklet
— Art, writings and event scores by Josh Ronsen, plus contributions from Ashazart, Bill Thompson and Gary Davis. 24 2"x4" pages. $1 or trade.

#19 Revising The Century
Booklet with 41 international contributions, including Abby Salazar, Anna Banana, Anne L. Braunschweig, Battistella Elisa, Bernd Reichert, Bob Ray, Carla Cryptic, Cherrie Bright, David Stone, Dobrica Kamperelic, Donna Han, Fabio Sassi, Horst Baur, Irene Dogmatic, James Hill, Jastan Young, Jennifer Zoellner, Jimi Cameron, John M. Bennett, José Manuel Figueiredo , Ct. Pf. Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr., Judith Skolnick, Junanne Peck, Laura Ray, Louisa Cataldo, Luc Fierens, Mailarta, Marina Salmaso, Miguel Jimenez, Peter Dowker, PJM, Reed Altemus, Reid Wood, Rémy Pénard, Richard Canard, Ruggero Maggi, S.A. Walker, Serse Luigetti, Snappy, Tim Scannell, Uli Grohmann. Extra copies of the booklet are available for trade, or you can view on the web here.

Box with 50 international contributions of tiny artworks. All boxes went to artists, but you can view on the web here.

Poster with 38 international contributions. Extra copies of the poster are available for trade, or you can view on the web here.

The 2008 Directory of the Texas Association of Concerned Mail Artists (TACMA) includes art from Bad News Bingo (Diana Garcia) • Cherie Bright • Denise Hunley • Ex Post Facto • Gail Anderson • Honoria • Josh Ronsen • Junanne Peck • Rene Z. Garza • Rod Stasick • Susan Boren • Twitch • Valerie Calvert
Print edition Out of Print!
Available only at: Free!

Mail Art issue on Text-Play; 3 Mail Art projects and 3 scores by Josh Ronsen. Contributors include: Kat Pukas • Andrew Topel • Don Boyd • Tamara Wyndham • P.K. Harris • Devon Paulson • Carol Starr • Dave Baptiste Chirot • Alex V. Cook • Jeph Jerman • Seth Tisue • Ettore Tomas • John Bennett • Nell Waters • Miguel Jimenez • G.X. Jupiter-Larsen.
Print edition Out of Print!
Available only at: Free!

A Very Special Issue dedicated to The Dangers of Mail Art.
This award-winning guide could save you, or someone you love, from years of heartbreak, dispair and/or large postage expendutures.
Mail Art: Know the DANGERS.
12pgs, $1

— Special issue: 4 Mail Art Projects from contributors around the world:
— Music Heard in Dreams
— 39 words of Lawrence Durrell
— 122 Handwritten Variations on Josh Ronsen
— Corrections from the Newspaper
Print edition Out of Print!
Available only at: Free!
...'Illiterature for the Literate' is this zine's motif, and oh how true it is. I originally jumped right into reading the guts of this tall skinny zine before reading its forward and slowly began sinking into a confusion cloud, not knowing if it was my lack of vocabulary knowledge, the bowl I smoked before starting, or if maybe the zine was playing silly mind tricks on me. I came to realize it was a bit of all three. Lots of experimental and dementionated writing, but at a very high level of quality. I am impressed, but it's like listening to John Zorn in that the scope of accepting audiences for this seems slim. It's that mixture of sophisticated intellectualism and rowdy punk ass linguistic anarchy. And on top of all that, this was a mail art project including dozens of different writers, but each with that same strange understanding of how to twist words and thoughts. Very nice indeed. — Proper Gander #35

MMPP can be found in the following Zine libraries & Collections:

Sherwood Forest Zine Library, Austin, Texas
Lara Cohen Zine Collection, 1992-1996, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
Ruel Gaviola Zine Collection, University of California, Santa Barbara, California
Artist's Books & Ephemera: Collection of Philip von Zweck, Chicago, Illinois

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