Purrfect Sounds is a free collection of submitted cat purrs to be downloaded for sound art and/or personal enjoyment. Please make a recording of your cat in a quiet location and email to me. Please send 44.1kHz, 16-bit mono recordings, and I will convert to .mp3 format. Please include the below information. I can include a link to an email or web address. By submitting a sound file you agree to allow anyone to download it and use the file for any purpose.

—Josh Ronsen

Feline Location Aprox. weight, age, gender Submitter .mp3/.aac .aiff/.wav
Max Austin, Texas 13lbs, 14yrs, M Josh Ronsen .mp3 .aiff
Marilyn Austin, Texas 9lbs, 5yrs, F Travis Weller .mp3 .aiff
Ali Austin, Texas ?lbs, 4yrs, F Alex Keller .mp3 .aiff
Bruce Wayne Austin, Texas ?lbs, 13yrs, M Alex Keller .mp3 .aiff
Shmee (aka Black-Shmee Sing) Austin, Texas ?lbs, 2yrs, F Alex Keller .mp3 .aiff
Chickpea (aka Chickipedia) Austin, Texas 2lbs, 0.4yrs, M Josh Ronsen .mp3 .aiff
Previous Austin, Texas ? Brandon Young .mp3  
Madison Austin, Texas ? Brandon Young .mp3  
Bleach Ucross, Wyoming ?lbs, 16yrs, ? Christopher DeLaurenti .mp3 .aiff
Cauchy Denver, Colorado 17lbs, 5yrs, M Tom & Karen Konrad .mp3 .aiff
Chicken Houston, Texas 13lbs, 7yrs, M Carlos Pozo .mp3 .wav
Trip Austin & Seattle 10lbs, 14yrs, F Chris aka Zimbo & Rachel .mp3 .wav
Big Boy Austin, Texas ?lbs, ?yrs, M Josh Russell .mp3 .aiff
Fausto Austin, Texas 17lbs, 5yrs, M Laura Carbonneau .m4a  
Miguela Austin, Texas 14lbs, 5yrs, F Laura Carbonneau .m4a  
Swizzle Austin, Texas 11lbs, 3yrs, F Josh Ronsen .mp3 .aiff
Maja Oslo, Norway 12lbs, 5yrs, F Carl Fredrik Berg .mp3 .wav
Adrian Wilmington, DE 7lbs, 19yrs, M Ken Rosenberg .mp3 .wav
Gate Wilder Squid Schenectady, New York 15lbs, 11yrs, M Geof & Nancy Huth .mp3 .aiff
Bowie Austin, Texas 12lbs, 15yrs, M Douglas Ferguson .mp3 .wav
Dirty Austin, Texas 13lbs, 15yrs, F Douglas Ferguson .mp3 .wav
Silas Austin, Texas 8lbs, 16yrs, F Douglas Ferguson .mp3 .wav
Tiger Austin, Texas 8lbs, 11yrs, F Kim van Winkle .mp3 .wav
Dragon Austin, Texas 12lbs, 10yrs, F Kim van Winkle .mp3 .wav
Canolli Buffalo, New York 3lbs, 0.25yrs, M my parents .mp3 .wav
Lewis Denver, Colorado 6lbs, 0.6yrs, M Elaine - Brandon .m4a  
Margot Williamsburg, Virginia 8.5lbs, 11yrs, F Christopher DeLaurenti .mp3 .wav
Nimbu New York, New York ?lbs, ?yrs, F Gen Ken Montgomery .mp3 .aiff
Battina Medina Austin, Texas ?lbs, 13yrs, M Alex Keller .mp3 .aiff
Skullface Bonyhands Austin, Texas ?lbs, 13yrs, M Alex Keller .mp3 .aiff
Spooky, The Smokey Austin, Texas ?lbs, 13yrs, M Alex Keller .mp3 .aiff
last updated: 18 July 2018


In memory of Max T. Cat, missing since June, 2007.
Chicken is more of a conceptual sound artist...
Nimbu hilariously interrupts a performance of Cage's 4'33".


More cat sounds can be found here.


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