solar-powered turntable snails by Josh Ronsen


Solar-powered turntables and speakers are mounted on snails to turn any garden into a musical paradise.

“There comes a day when the ear achieves its education, when the snail learns to distinguish sounds.”
The Diary of Andrés Fava by Julio Cortázar
Snail Concept
artist conception...
What is Escardrone? Only a revolutionary way to listen to music. Tiny solar-powered turntables are mounted on snails and set loose in your garden. Turn any outdoor space into a music hall. The basic kit comes with 10 snails, 10 turntable systems, and your choice of 15 mini records.
Sample sound files are avialable NOW! Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Alex Keller, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Dei Xhrist, Azalia Snail, LoveyDove, d’Animal, Dale Lloyd, Zahava, Carlos Pozo, Laura Brackney, Daniele Santini, XathaX, Korperschwache, Book of Shadows, Leaf Chimes, LSJ, PBK, Shelia Scoville, Christopher Petkus, Devotional, Jan-Morten Iversen, Ignatius Telles, John Grzinich, { AN } Eel, Tara Bhattacharya Reed, Anna Mikhailova, Frequency Curtain, Michael Northam, Gen Ken Montgomery, Venison Whirled, Bill Thompson, Will Soderberg, Ian Holloway, British Space Program, Comme des Ongles, and Havergill Milk, Brent Fariss and Eloine. Download on Bandcamp (raising funds for Puerto Rico) ($128.83 so far on November 5, 2017).
Investors welcome. Inquire at address below.

Q: What happens when the snails die? I know nothing about snail care?
A: Turntable systems can be remounted to other snails!

Q: Is this cruel to the snails?
A: I checked with the ASPCA: they don’t care about snails. “Do whatever you want with those slimy fuckers” is their official position.

Q: Won’t the snails eat all of my flowers?
A: That’s why each kit comes with an in-house formulated bag of Snail-Chow, the nutritious pellets snails crave!

Q: How do I hear the sample files?
A: Download or stream on Bandcamp. Click here:


Contact: josh (at) ronsen (dot) org

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