Texas Association of Concerned Mail Artists


Since 2005, the Texas Association of Concerned Mail Artists has networked between Mail Artists living in the state of Texas. To join or for more info, email Josh Ronsen.

2005: 12 artists participated in the first project, published as Monk Mink Pink Punk 13 (no leftover copies): Susan Boren (Austin) • Valerie Calvert (Houston) • Diana Garcia (Austin) • Michael John Martinez (San Antonio) • Jason Pierce (Austin) • Dan Plunkett (Austin) • Joe Robertson (Austin) • Suloni Robertson (Austin) • Josh Ronsen (Austin) • Rod Stasick (Dallas) • Twitch (Austin) • Colin Andrew Sheffield (ex-Bedford, now WA)

2007: 13 artists participated in the second project, published as Monk Mink Pink Punk 14 (a few leftover copies available for trade): Cherie Bright (The Woodlands) • Denise Hurley (Dallas) • Diana Garcia — Bad News Bingo (Austin) • Ex Post Facto (Garland) • Gail Anderson (Lubbock) • Honoria (Austin) • Josh Ronsen (Austin) • Junanne Peck (Fort Worth) • Rene Z. Garza — Museo {i}menos (Weslaco) • Rod Stasick (Dallas) • Susan Boren (Austin) • Twitch (Austin) • Valerie Calvert (Houston)

2009: A third project has just been proposed, based on the theme Map of Texas.

Q: What is Mail Art? A: The free exchange of art between artists, sometimes based on a particular theme or size, limited only by imagination and what can be mailed.

Q: Can I join TACMA? A: Do you make art? Do you live in Texas?

Q: How do I become involved in the next project? A: Email me (Josh) to be placed on the mailing list. I do a TACMA project once a year or so, but all members have the others' addresses and can initate projects at will.